From Our Friends: April 18, 2014

Welcome to this week’s installment of From Our Friends, a weekly roundup where we highlight some of our favorite posts, published by our friends and partners around the web.

This week’s edition includes the dangers of tanning beds, how to transform your routine with water workouts, smoothie recipes not starring kale, how whey protein helps rejuvenate after exercise, how Paul McCartney can not save an elephant, finding your pressure points, how to dye fabric with tea, and hug your furry friends because it’s Pets Week. Enjoy!

1. Tan lines around your eyes are a small price to pay to prevent potential eye cancer. Habitual tanning bed user, Debi Gibson, talks about losing her eye the spread of her deadly cancer. Read more at Blisstree.

2. Beat the heat while looking good! HooplaHa introduces five water workouts to add to your routine. Find out how to swim your way to slim!

3. Tired of the kale phenomenon? gives simple substitutions to add to your smoothie. Stop using kale as a crutch!

4. Exhausted after exercise? Whey is a great source of energy to incorporate into your fitness routine. Learn how The Organic Whey builds back better and improves workout recovery now! (Don’t forget, The Organic Whey now available via too!)

5. Paul McCartney’s Beatle star power was not enough to save a performance elephant in captivity. Read more at EcoSalon.

6. Drop the aspirin bottle! Experience Life teaches us acupressure points to soothe your aches and pains.

7. Tea bags are not just for the queen. Crafting a Green World shows us how to dye fabric with tea and create natural, earthy designs.

8. Time to show some love to our canine and cat companions. Fit Bottom Girls holds second annual Pet Week with tips, tricks, and treats for you and your furry friend.

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Photo courtesy of HooplaHa