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Laura's Favs: Tweets and Comments (March 2, 2012)

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We certainly felt the love from you this week, OA readers! It really is a big motivator for us when we see how much our site influences and inspires you, and there was no shortage of reminders on our social networks this past week. Thanks for all the great conversations and comments -- you guys and girls rock! We always say this, but it's true: We have the best organic community on the web!

If you have any thoughts or ideas about how we can improve, please share.

Here are some of our favorite social network highlights from the week:

Our TwitterFavs of the Week:

  • @markhymanmd: @OrganicAuthorit I wrote a blog on this. The combo of 2 older pills that don't work. Outrageous really it is
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From the Organic Authority Files

  • @NoelKnowel82: We ARE changing Things!!! Seattle Building Massive Edible Forest Filled with Free Food… via @OrganicAuthorit
  • @YUMScrub: @OrganicAuthorit Think this is just the beginning of discoveries to the ill-effects of GMOs. Thanks for info.
  • @NUssentials_SMR: @OrganicAuthorit < follow ! Great information!
  • @homeopath: Lovely short & accessible introduction to #Homeopathy from Organic Authority ( @OrganicAuthorit on twitter)

Our Facebook Favs of the Week:

  • It's the Little Things People are so crazed about sterilizing things! The commercials that scare me the most are the ones about putting your baby's toys in clorox to kill the germs! AHHH!!!!

  • Fit N Busy Mama Thank you, Organic Authority for sharing this. I can honestly say I haven't had the flu this season and here are 5 foods to eat that help prevent the flu!

  • Teen Fitness I love your page and really enjoy reading your healthy nutritional posts, so Motivational! Please take a look at my Teen Fitness page, im trying to encourage teens everywhere to have a good self-image and to get fit/healthy! Any advice would be greatly appreciated xo (: 

  • Michelle's Health & Nutrition Zone LOVE your page! I made the Nut-Free, Flourless Beet Brownie Cake today........SO GOOD! Keep up the great content :-)

See you in Tweet Land or on the "Wall!"

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