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Laura's Favs: Tweets and Comments (September 6, 2013)

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Happy Friday everyone! If you're new to OA, we take time once a week to thank our fans for all the posts, comments, and tweets they leave us every week. Remember to follow us on Pinterest and Google+ to stay up to date on all our social networks! Thank you all :) Have a wonderful weekend!

If you have any thoughts or ideas about how we can improve, please share.

Here are some of our favorite social network highlights from the week:

Our Twitter Favs of the Week:

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From the Organic Authority Files

Our Facebook Favs of the Week:

  • Flo DiBona Great article. Most people do not realize the nuances of cannabis and the different properties associated with the strains and hybrids. Growing and harvesting cannabis is like growing and harvesting wine grapes - there are great nuances and techniques to it. As important as understanding the difference in indicas/sativas is also understanding what is best for you and your body and understanding your tolerances because medical grade cannabis is typically far stronger than what was once available through "a friend of a friend" buying. Cannabis is NOT a "gateway" drug as we have been led to believe. It is a sacred plant that has been around for centuries and used for centuries as a healing plant. Thank you Organic Authority for posting this! Sativa or Indica? Know Your Medical Marijuana

See you in Tweet Land or on the Wall!

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