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Twitter and Facebook Favs of the Week (August 20, 2010)

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Here are a handful of our favorite Tweets and Facebook comments of the week. Want to join the discussion? Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page!

Our Twitter Favs of the Week:

  • @Mabur: Another reason why EU should ban GMO RT @OrganicAuthorit Genetically Modified Organisms Found in the Wild | Foodie Buzz
  • @alhaarth1: RT @OrganicAuthorit I bet you didn't know this food could prevent premature aging of your skin
  • @JaneSaundersSJE: @OrganicAuthorit Huge surprise for me that this is the highest in calcium: Thank you!
  • @Mikeachim: Yes - a memorial to supreme food stupidity. RT @ecosalon @OrganicAuthorit: Do We Really Need a Pop-Tarts Shrine?
  • @LadyBorgia: RT I wouldn't touch it! I've seen the footage from down there! How can that be safe?! 

From the Organic Authority Files

Our Facebook Favs of the Week:


Marcia Moreno I am SO glad I don't eat there. This information needs to be read by everyone, especially families with young children. I am shocked and appalled. Peg Staley eeeuuuwwww! Now I know for sure I will never eat those things again. Cindi Laurent I have a "Happy Meal" that I've had since April '06. NEVER has been in the refrigerator, yet besides being hard, pretty much looks the same as when I bought it. Mold? No way! No self-respecting bacteria wiil touch it, LOL. (Use Happy Meal for health presentations. You can do your own "experiments" if you fully want to convince yourself). Not much value in paying good money for things that harm your body in my opinion.

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