10 (More!) Easy Decorating on a Budget Projects for $10 or Less

Decorating on a budget isn’t impossible. In fact, it can be quite fun with the right kind of inspiration.

Got an itch to make some changes to your home decor, but don’t necessarily have the budget to make big changes? Don’t worry, it’s possible to snazz up your decor without having a huge amount of money to spend. Of course, the answer to decorating on a budget is to do-it-yourself. By using everyday objects, repurposing goods and furniture and letting your creativity run wild, it is possible to add some creative DIY home decor that you’ve made with your own two hands and to do on the cheap. Decorating on a budget is possible without spending a million bucks–actually, it’s possible for $10 or less per project.

And to offer you some inspiration, we’ve put together this roundup of easy DIY projects on the cheap. If you are lucky enough to have a slightly larger budget than $10, try out these projects for $15 and under and these project ideas under $50.

10 Easy DIY Decorating on a Budget Projects for $10 or Less

  1. Copper Spray Paint – Metallics are in and a single can of $5.99 copper spray can transform older furniture pieces that need some tender loving care.
  2. Branch Hanger – Simply paint a thinner branch from one of your backyard trees to create a wall hanger.
  3. Painted Striped Curtains – Update your existing plain curtains with some color with this easy project for painting curtains.
  4. Fabric Art – One simple way to add color and texture is to use create wall art from interesting fabrics. All you need is wood to create a frame and your fabric of choice.
  5. Rustic Log Table – You can even create a piece of furniture for under $10 simply by using a slice from a log and adding some legs.
  6. Indoor Shutters – For $10 this project creates hinged indoor shutters that are both functional and add rustic charm.
  7. Shoji Screens – Shoji screens are Japanese room dividers and you can make your own from Japanese rice paper and old lumber.
  8. Update Kitchen Cabinets – Modernize old kitchen cabinets by taking of the doors and using painters’ tape to create a striped effect.
  9. Glam Word Art – Create customized glittery words simply by cutting out letters from foam core and adding metallic thumbtacks.
  10. Metallic Mason Jars – Paint mason jars with metallic paints to use as vases, utensils holders, pencil holders and more. Or use them to create a dramatic table centerpiece.

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