11 Bohemian Decor Art and Craft Ideas for Your Boho Home

Add boho style to yoru home with these bohemian decor diy ideas.

Bohemian decor never goes out of style for those with the bohemian spirit in them. To some, boho chic decor seems nothing more than a passing fad, but for others it’s just a way of life. Bohemian decor isn’t one of those decorating styles for which you plan out everything ahead of time and keep to strike style guidelines. Instead, it’s about collecting and making those things that make you feel free, comfortable, creative, and peaceful in your boho space.

If you march to the beat of your own bohemian drummer, check out these super easy bohemian decor DIY projects to add a little boho chic to your space.

  1. Instagram Style Branch Photo Mobile – Turn your photos into a pretty photo mobile like with this example. Let your creativity guide you with the design.
  2. Macrame Wall Hanging – Don’t be afraid of macrame–it’s doesn’t have to be dated and all 1970s. Macrame can actually be quite modern and updated, just like in this tutorial.
  3. DIY Kilim Rugs – Turn straw mats into Kilim-style rugs for some bohemian style. Kilim rugs are Turkish woven rugs, but this tutorial uses paint to get the effect of the pattern.
  4. Decoupage Trays – Use metallic and patterned paper to Mod Podge thrift stores trays to add some boho chic and protect your surfaces.
  5. Suzani Covered Ottoman – Turn a mundane ottoman into a piece of art by reupholstering it with Suzani-inspired fabric. Suzani is embroidered fabric created in Central Asia countries.
  6. PVC Canopy Bed – Add boho drama to your bedroom by creating a draped canopy bed.
  7. DIY Flower “Chandelier”– Create a dried flower mobile for some pretty boho style.
  8. Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns – Mason jars are also an easy way to add rustic boho style to any space.
  9. Birch Wood Tealight Holder – Create a candle display with this easy project idea.
  10. Fabric Scrap Garland – Turn fabric scraps into a pretty wall display.
  11. Chic Jewelry Trays – Paint up thrift store finds for some boho chic.

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