11 DIY Wind Chimes to Create a Magical Soundscape

With the warmer months upon us for those in the Northern Hemisphere, we are once again turning our attention to outdoor living and creating a magical outdoor space. One way to create a peaceful backyard atmosphere is to add wind chimes.

Wind chimes can add both visual and auditory beauty to your backyard. They can even bring their peaceful and calming sounds indoors–especially if you keep your windows open.

There’s no need to go out and buy wind chimes, instead make your own by repurposing items you can find around your home or at thrift stores or yard sales. Here are some creative ideas for making your own wind chimes to add serenity to your home.

11 DIY Ideas for Making Your Own Wind Chimes

  1. Bottle Cap Chimes – Save bottle caps from your favorite beer or kombucha and repurpose them with this clever project idea.
  2. Bamboo Chimes – If you have any bamboo in your yard, then you certainly know that you would have plenty to spare to make bamboo chimes.
  3. Repurposed Keys Wind Chimes – Somehow we all seem to end up with a junk drawer full of unknown keys. Use this clever tutorial to make a colorful key chime for your yard.
  4. DIY Terra Cotta Pot Chimes – Paint up terra cotta plant pots that aren’t being utilized and turn them into a chimes.
  5. Pencil Wind Chimes – Cleaning out your office drawers? Use all those pencil stubs to make a smartypants wind chimes.
  6. Vintage Chandelier and Flatware Chimes – Hang vintage flatware from an old chandelier frame.
  7. Cut Wine Bottle Chimes – Follow this tutorial for making a DIY chime from cut wine bottles.
  8. Copper Tubing Chimes – Just finished up a plumbing project? Turn the leftover tubing into an industrial chime.
  9. Repurposed Tea Kettle and Silverware – Another great vintage idea for making repurposed chimes.
  10. Mason Jar Wind Chimes – This is a simple project for using a mason jar to make chimes.
  11. Repurposed Xylophone – What a fantastic idea for repurposing those old xylophone toys.

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