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11 Easy Indoor Plants That Practically Take Care of Themselves

11 Easy Indoor Plants That Practically Take Care of Themselves

Do you love plants but they don't love you? Sigh, I hear you. The good news is you can totally put the kibosh on that lazy thumb of yours by buying easy indoor plants that don't require a lot of maintenance. While no house plant is indestructible, there are quite a few feisty fellows that can survive under less-than-stellar circumstances... like your lack of watering skills.

Here are 11 easy indoor plants that will make you look like a plant owner who actually know what she's doing:

1. Aloe

Not only does this succulent lurv sunny spaces, it also prefers dry soil. There are both large and small varieties depending on the impact you want to make, with the larger able to grow three feet high!

2. English Ivy

To me, there's nothing more elegant than an ivy plant—especially the way it trails down furniture as it starts to grow. I have one that's taking over my kitchen as we speak! English ivy enjoys moist soil and cooler room temperatures to do its thing.

3. Spider Plant

If you're looking to add visual interest to a room, then look no further than the spider plant. These easy indoor plants come in oodles of varieties, and make for great hanging plants too. It digs moist soil and bright or medium lighting.

4. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are easy to maintain, smell refreshing, and bloom for a good chunk of the summer. It enjoys moist soil and the best shady spot you've got to offer.

5. Rubber Tree

Rubber trees pack a serious punch: It can grow to be upwards of eight feet tall, and the dark green leaves have a lush shine to them. These easy indoor plants prefer medium to bright light, and isn't too fussy about the temperature either. Let the surface soil dry out in between watering.

6. Cactus

What easy indoor plants roundup would be complete without including cactus? It loves to sunbathe and requires very little water, not to mention looks especially cute clustered together on the windowsill.

7. Ficus

This indoor tree loves full sun and prefers several days of dry soil in between watering.

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8. Snake Plant

This is one of my favorite easy indoor plants, and is basically the only one that can survive in my hallway. Its leaves grow upright for a crisp, clean look, and grows well in a variety of lighting conditions. The soil should stay somewhat dry.

9. Christmas Cactus

This plant doesn't mess around: My mom owns a Christmas Cactus that's older than I am! Best of all, you only have to water it twice a month. Every winter, when you're in desperate need of color, it will bloom with pink, red, white or salmon-colored blossoms. Swoon.

10. Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palms look uber-chic, and thrive in full sun or bright light. It can grow from four to 12 feet tall!

11. Succulents

There are too many types of succulents to list here, but they're the best plants for those us who really suck at the whole watering thing (bashfully raises hand). They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can create your own unique little collection.

Which easy indoor plants to you swear by in your humble abode?

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