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12 Cleaner, Greener Simple DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives

Clever DIY Christmas tree alternatives.

Not all of us who celebrate Christmas are crazy about Christmas trees. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the idea of Christmas trees, but I don’t love the mess of the needles, sneezing uncontrollably because of my serious tree allergy, or the potential environmental implications of the cut Christmas tree industry. I do love to celebrate the season though, so every year I try to create a DIY Christmas tree alternative to create the spirit of Christmas without committing to bringing a tree into my home.

Here are some clever DIY Christmas tree ideas that are more sustainable and less messy than bringing a real tree into your living room. Choose from one of these great ideas to celebrate the season in a greener way.

12 Terrific DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives for a Cleaner & Greener Holiday

  1. Blackboard Christmas Tree - If you have a pained blackboard wall like we do, then decorate it with a Christmas tree.
  2. Newspaper Tree - Create a greener Christmas tree from old newspapers or advertising circulars.
  3. Upcycled Cardboard Tree - Transform cardboard destined for the recycling bin into a fun recycled tree.
  4. Pallet Tree - Here is another great use for recycling pallets, turn it into an easy tree.
  5. PVC Pipe Tree - Have some leftover pvc pipe leftover from a project? Use it to create a creative Christmas tree alternative.
  6. Branch Tree - Go simple by creating a tree from branches from your yard.
  7. Book Tree - Turn those old books into a tree suitable for bookworms.
  8. Light Tree - Use brad nails and a strand of lights to create a tree silhouette.
  9. Washi Tape Tree - Washi tape is decorative masking that is easy to remove. It’s perfect for creating a temporary tree on the wall.
  10. Rope Tree - Simply use rope or string to create the outline of a tree on the wall.
  11. Yarn Tree - Use yarn and a Styrofoam cone to make a simple tabletop tree.
  12. Wood Shim Tree - Another simple tabletop tree idea is to use wooden shims to create a tree shape.

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