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12 DIY Staircase Ideas to Give Your Stairs a Makeover

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Try one of these easy diy staircase ideas.

We don’t often think about giving our staircases a makeover, but the staircase is often the first thing that visitors see when entering your home. Adding a little design to your stairs can give a dramatic change to the entry of your home. Hopefully these staircase ideas can offer you a little inspiration to add some creative decoration to your home.

12 DIY Staircase Ideas

  1. Textured Embossed Wallpaper Stairs - Add some beautiful embossed wallpaper to the front of your stair risers to create a Victorian look.
  2. Painted Chevron Risers - Adding dramatic chevrons to your risers is as easy using painters’ tape and the color of your choice.
  3. Ombre Stair Risers - Ombre is a subtle way to add color and creativity to your staircase and is as simple as choosing 5 or more hues of a single color.
  4. Under Staircase Shelves - In addition to adding decoration to the front of your steps, consider the underside of your staircase. It’s possible to create a cozy, little nook under the stairs.
  5. Mirror Tile Staircase - For a Studio 54-esque look, add mirrored tiles to your stair risers.
  6. Staircase Drawers - While this project may be for the more advanced DIYer, we can all dream about adding useful storage to our staircase!
  7. Painted Wooden Crate Stairs - This idea for repurposing wooden crates as a staircase is clever and green.
  8. Rainbow Painted Stairs - Nothing sets the tone for your home than a bright, colorful rainbow staircase!
  9. Handpainted Book Spine Steps - If you are a book lover and a talented painter, consider decorating your risers like your favorite books.
  10. Stenciled Stairs - Stenciling the fronts of stair risers is a project even the most challenged among us should be able to complete.
  11. Industrial Risers - Front your risers with diamond plate aluminum for an industrial retro look.
  12. Chalkboard Stairs - Paint the front of your risers with chalkboard paint and change up the design as the mood strikes you.

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