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13 Creepy Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween

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Pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween.

Pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu and you know what that means, right? It’s time to make a visit to the pumpkin patch, stock up on pumpkins and get ready for Halloween by pumpkin carving.

But how to carve those pumpkins? We’ve got a round-up of pumpkin carving ideas for you.

If you are a traditionalist like me, then you actually want to carve your pumpkins. None of these newfangled hipster-esque approaches, like painting mustaches on pumpkins, for me. I say, it’s all about the pumpkin carving. If painting pumpkin is your thing, more power to you, but us traditionalist like to get out some of our frustrations by taking a knife (or screwdriver, saw, drill or other power tool) to a poor unsuspecting pumpkin and start carving away.

Need some inspiration? Read on. And if you need some awesome pumpkin cooking ideas, try these 17 pumpkin recipes.

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From the Organic Authority Files

13 Creepy Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas

  1. Anatomy Pumpkins - Carve out a skull, ribcage and heart using these templates and instructions.
  2. Cannibal Cutie Pumpkin - Kind of creepy calling this “cannibal” pumpkin cute, but you be the judge.
  3. Mummy Pumpkin - Use a white variety to create a fun mummy pumpkin.
  4. Pumpkin Skull with Exposed Brain - This “brainy” project is a two pumpkin project.
  5. Pumpkin Anatomy Skull - Another fun exposed head project featuring a cutaway jack-o-lantern and skull underneath.
  6. Scarface Pumpkin - Use Q-tips to create a jagged scar running across your pumpkin’s face.
  7. Pumpkin “Bonfire” - Create a pumpkin “bonfire” by using stencils to cut “flames” into your pumpkins. Use votive candles or flameless candles for a safer option.
  8. Fanged Pumpkins - Plastic vampire teeth can be used to take a bit out of your pumpkins.
  9. Drilled Pumpkins - Use a drill to create decorative pumpkins.
  10. Cookie Cutter Pumpkins - Not into the whole carving thing? Use cookie cutters and a rubber mallet for an easier alternative to pumpkin carving.
  11. Owl Pumpkin - This carved and painted owl pumpkin is stunning.
  12. Puking Pumpkin - Use the pumpkin “guts” for a super gross pumpkin.
  13. Owl-O-Lantern - Another cool owl idea.

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