13 DIY Garden Swing Ideas for Grownups

Garden swings for your backyard oasis.

The dog days of summer are fast approaching and there isn’t much else better than lazily lingering on a garden swing in the evening. And lest you think that swings are only for kids, please read on!

Whether it’s a porch swing, garden swing, tree swing or backyard swing that floats your boat, we’ve got a roundup of great DIY swing ideas. Choose from the all-around fun of the tire swing or the serenity of hanging pallet bed. Hello? I’ll take both options!

13 Garden Swing Ideas to DIY

  1. Campfire Firepit Swings – Combine swinging with your firepit for the ultimate in outdoor living. What a great idea for inviting your friends over for an evening around the firepit.
  2. DIY Hanging Porch Swing – This tutorial offers step-by-step instructions for building your own wooden porch swing.
  3. Rustic Tree Swing – This is an easier project for those who aren’t as handy with a sawzall. Keep. It. Simple. Silly.
  4. DIY Canvas Chair Swing – This is a great project for an indoor swing or for on a sheltered porch or garden structure with a roof.
  5. Paracord Laced Pallet Garden Swing – Wow. This is an amazingly creative idea for repurposing pallets into a swing laced with parachute cord.
  6. Repurposed Headboard Swing – Repurpose that old headboard into a hanging porch or garden swing.
  7. DIY Summer Hammock – Make your own hanging hammock.
  8. Repurposed Trampoline Swing Bed – Have the kids outgrown that trampoline? Turn it into a cool grownup garden swing.
  9. DIY Woven Swing – Another great idea for an indoor swing.
  10. Repurposed Tire Swing – You just knew that there would be a tire swing on this list.
  11. Pallet Swing Bed – Pallets can be repurposed into anything–even a hanging swing bed like this one.
  12. Repurposed Chair Swing – This is a simple project to turn thrift store chairs into a functional outdoor swing.
  13. DIY Repurposed Skateboard Swing – Repurpose that old skateboard into a fun backyard garden swing.

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