13 No-Carve Cool Pumpkin Ideas to Avoid Pumpkin Carving

No-carve cool pumpkin ideas.

Every year I get excited about decorating pumpkins and the latest trends for cool pumpkin ideas. But I’ve got to be honest, I can’t stand carving pumpkins. I don’t like the fuss and the mess. I never seem to have a knife sharp enough to do the job adequately and I could never figure out who thought up this tradition that involved giving my child a knife. And that’s not to mention the mess. Pumpkin seeds flying, slimy pumpkin guts everywhere, and in the end a lopsided-faced pumpkin leering at me. Even now that my child is grown, I still prefer alternatives to pumpkin carving and I’m still on the lookout for cool pumpkin ideas.

If pumpkin carving isn’t your thing, but decorating for the fall season is then read on for some no-carve cool pumpkin ideas. There’s no knife required for these clever ideas.

So whether you are decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving or just because you like pumpkins, enjoy these inspirational cool pumpkin ideas.

13 No-Carve Cool Pumpkin Ideas

  1. Corn Husk Pumpkins – Use corn husks to create a striped pumpkin. Corn husks can often be found at the farmers market, the pumpkin patch or a Mexican foods grocery store.
  2. Smell My Feet Chalkboard Pumpkins – Paint pumpkins with chalkboard paint and stencil on “Smell My Feet”. Maybe get your house egged in the process.
  3. Crayon Drip Pumpkin – Create a creepy and colorful rainbow drip pumpkin from old crayons.
  4. Ghostly Thumbtacks – By using white thumbtacks you can create a ghostly visage on your pumpkin.
  5. Sharpie Owl Pumpkins – Armed with nothing more than a sharpie and some owly inspiration you can make super cool owl pumpkins. Bonus points if you paint your owls white and black.
  6. Batty Pumpkin – Cut out bat silhouettes from cardstock and affix them to your pumpkin for an elegantly spooky effect.
  7. Drill Those Pumpkins – Instead of using a knife, use a drill to create abstract designs.
  8. Newspaper Decoupage Pumpkin – Decoupage pumpkins with newspaper and black die-cut letters and shapes for cool black and white effect.
  9. Glittered Pumpkins – Glam it up with glitter.
  10. Paint Pen Art Deco Stack-O-Lantern – Let your creativity run wild and create an art deco stack-o-lantern!
  11. Owl, Fox and Deer, Oh My! – Create cute animal pumpkins following these tutorials for a deer, owl and fox pumpkin.
  12. Fishnet Pumpkin – Use fishnet stockings and satin ribbon to create this lacy pumpkin.
  13. Ric Rac, Ribbon and Trim Pumpkins – Use a hot glue gun to glue on ric rac, lace, ribbon and other trims.

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