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16 Beautiful Plants for A Quaint Cottage Garden

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English style cottage gardens are the perfect romantic interlude for your outdoor getaway space. Whether you are looking for more charm for your urban front yard, would like to convert your backyard into a woodsy wonderland, or just want some of that old world enchantment to make its way to your yard, you’ll find it with the plants we’ve rounded up. We’ve chosen our 16 favorite plants for a quaint cottage garden, ranging from tall to medium heights and groundcover options.

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Tall Plants
Tall flowers will give offer splashes of color that will pop out wonderfully at the top of bright green foliage and stems. We’ve highlighted 6 colorful, gorgeous and fragrant options that all display unique and eye-catching blossoms. All of these perennials also make wonderful cut flowers to bring indoors for bouquets and decorative arrangements. 

1. Dahlia
2. Evening Primrose
3. Shasta Daisy
4. Foxglove
5. Hollyhock
6. Phlox

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Medium Height Plants
Medium height plants add depth and lacy accents to a cottage garden with their wispy foliage and often pastel-colored, delicate blossoms. The 6 flowers we’ve highlighted blossom at different times beginning in the spring (columbines and bleeding hearts) and following through all the way to late fall (echinacea and love-in-a-mist). Tea roses are a must for a cottage garden, and their plethora of color options will offer a lot to play with when it comes to garden design.

7. Love-in-a-Mist
8. Bleeding heart
9. Snapdragon
12.Tea Rose

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Low Growing and Groundcover Plants
Groundcovers and low growing plants add that necessary touch of plush greenness to a cottage garden. The 4 plants we’ve highlighted are fairly low maintenance, and are great for weed control around higher growing plants. Creeping arnations and lavender prefer sunny to partially sunny spots while hostas and Christmas ferns prefer spots (for example under large trees).

13. Creeping Carnation/Sweet William
14. Lavender
15. Hosta
16. Holly Fern

Images: ahisgettMyrtle Glen Farm

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