20 Places You Always Forget During Spring Cleaning


Spring is in the air – and so is spring cleaning. There’s nothing like a thorough scrub-down to get rid of the remaining winter muck hanging around your house. However, that’s usually when you realize how many corners you’ve been cutting for the sake of watching “The Good Wife”… which in my opinion is still totally worth it, but that’s beside the point.

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the nooks and crannies of your home. Below are 20 places you’d probably forget without a gentle reminder. (You’re welcome.)

1. Shower curtain liners

My shower curtain liner is always the thing I’ll get to later – but you know, never do. Next laundry day, make a mental note to run it through the wash.

2. Blinds

Get into the habit of vacuuming your blinds on a weekly basis to save yourself the hassle later. Trust me.

3. Ceilings

The ceiling is a super easy area of your home to forget. Meanwhile, there’s a lot going on up there. Check for cobwebs and dust on your ceiling fans and light fixtures, and in the corners.

4. Plant leaves

It’s important for your plants to have good hygiene too! Carefully wipe leaves with a damp cloth.

5. Baseboards

Depending on how long you’ve neglected your baseboards, spring cleaning is the perfect time to go at them with a damp cloth. Afterward, you can maintain them every few weeks with a duster.

6. Door handles/knobs

Considering how often we touch handles and knobs, I’m surprised at how easy it is to forget them during cleaning sessions!

7. The front door

It gets pretty mucky outside – especially this time of year – and when guests are waiting for you to let them in, they’re staring at your equally mucky door.

8. Light switches

Go and check out your light switches: Are they still their original color?

9. Chair legs

We’re so focused on wiping off seats that the legs end up a little worse for wear.

10. Curtains

Vacuum your curtains during your everyday cleaning sessions, but when spring cleaning rolls around take them down to be washed.

11. Washing machine

Fill it with hot water, and add either lemon juice for rust, white vinegar for odors, or bleach for stains. Run it through a full cycle.

12. Dishwasher

Small bits of food might get stuck in crevices around the door’s rubber gasket. Use a toothbrush to dislodge, then run the dishwasher on hot using a cup of vinegar to remove any lingering grime.

13. Vacuum

Sure, you clean out the dust container or replace the bag – but that’s about it. Check out your vacuum’s manual for specific how-tos on the best ways to clean the attachments, and wipe down the outside with a soft cloth.

14. Walls

The only walls we remember to clean are usually those in our bathroom, but check out the walls by your doors and light fixtures: Yep, those aren’t shadows after all! They’re fingerprints that have accumulated over time, and you’re going to want to nix them immediately.

15. Remote controls

One of the top places germs are transmitted in your home are your remote controls. It can get annoying busting out cleaner for them all the time, so go easy on yourself by stocking up on disinfecting wipes.

16. Garbage cans

I know, why bother? But you don’t want any more germs in your home than necessary. During your spring cleaning adventure, wash each garbage can in your home with cleaner and hot water. Make sure they’re completely dry before you start using them again.

17. Picture frames

The tops and bottoms of frames collect oodles of dust (just because you can’t see it right away doesn’t mean it isn’t there). Take a few minutes each time you clean to maintain them.

18. Refrigerator coils

I used to dread when spring cleaning rolled around – because it meant having to move my fridge! (Dun dun dunnn!) It’s super important to keep your fridge clean, especially the coils on your fridge: If they’re clogged with dust and dirt, it won’t work to its full capacity. Simply bust out your vacuum extension and go to town.

(Bonus tip: Put your fridge on wheels to make this process more convenient.)

19. Toothbrush holder

Either toss it in with your next load of dishes, or soak your toothbrush holder in 1 part bleach to 3 parts water. Rinse thoroughly.

20. Books

Dust loves books almost as much as we do. Tightly close and vacuum them with an extension.

What areas do you forget when you’re spring cleaning?

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