21 Great Collections to Start for Under $10

Great Collections

Have you ever been looking at flickr, reading a magazine or checking out some blog only to be envious of someone's great collection? I do, and it always makes me want to start my own collection. From seashells to vintage tea cups and everything in between, starting a collection can be fun. Read on about to get some inspiration to start your own great collections.

Ceramic figurine collection.

Image: vintagejunkys26

I guess I got the love of collecting from my Grandmom. She collected books, ceramic owls and arts and crafts from her travels as a U.S. Air Force wife in the '50s, '60s and '70s. Her home was a veritable treasure of nooks filled with knickknacks and bric-a-brac--and all with a story behind them.

And for those who think great collections have to be antiques or priceless works of art, think again. You can collect pine cones from your coniferous trees each year, Pez dispensers, terrariums or postcards from the places you travel. Creating a collection is about creating memories and about the excitement of the hunt for your collectibles.

Pen collection.

Image: TheClassicButterfly

In addition to the fun of building your collection, there’s also the fun of showing off your collections in your home, and I’m not talking about making your home a museum, but more like a curio shop. I love visiting a collector’s home for the first time and learning about their interesting gewgaws. All you need is a little inspiration and the spirit of the collector in you. Channel your inner grandma or curator and get started filling your home with your treasures.

Great collections to start.

Image: vintagebiffann

Flea markets, Etsy and Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day blog are great places to start looking for inspiration to start your own collection. And here’s a list of 21 fun ideas for collections you can start for $10 or less.

  1. Vintage Handkerchiefs
  2. Pressed Flowers
  3. Vintage travel pennants
  4. Old typeset letters
  5. Nancy Drew books
  6. Pez dispensers
  7. Vintage Pyrex containers
  8. Old Skeleton Keys
  9. Button collection
  10. Vintage tin boxes
  11. Guitar picks
  12. Clock Hands
  13. Thimble collection
  14. Cool vintage plates
  15. Paint swatch collection
  16. Vintage tool collection
  17. Cookie cutters
  18. Rock collection
  19. Swizzle Sticks
  20. Vintage bow ties
  21. A collection of collections

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