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21 Ideas for Creating Stunning Wall Murals in Your Space

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Ideas for wall murals.

You don’t have to be Michelangelo to create your own stunning and artistic wall murals.

Years ago, I worked briefly as an assistant to a curator in a museum. Chief amongst my responsibilities was assisting in the planning and creation of exhibits. I even got to curate, from start to finish, my own mini and temporary exhibits. Long story short, for one of these exhibits I had a friend paint a wall mural that was the highlight of the exhibit. Every since, I have been fascinated with wall murals and have wanted to paint one in my home.

Our home is much too small for the type of expansive wall mural that I am envisioning, but we are contemplating a move in the next year or two. Putting the cart before the horse (house), as is my style, I went looking for tips and inspiration on creating wall murals.

I found that there’s infinite possibilities for those who want to create wall murals in their homes and one does not need to be an experienced artist to paint an amazing mural.

* Tip About Transfer Methods - Even the most accomplished artists use a transfer method to get their idea from paper to the wall. The two tried and true methods are to use a projector or use a grid pattern. Learn more here.

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Here’s a roundup of some wall mural how-tos, inspiration and alternatives to painted wall murals.

21 Ideas for Wall Murals

  1. Tips and Tricks For Creating Wall Murals in a Kid's Room
  2. Don’t Paint, Use Mural Stencils Instead!
  3. Pier Mondrian Color Block Wall Mural DIY
  4. Chalkboard Paint and Moon Inspiration Mural
  5. Mountain Mural How-to
  6. Cheat With a Paint By Numbers Kit!
  7. Cheat Even More and Purchase a Wallpaper Wall Mural
  8. Pretty Peacock Wall Mural
  9. Underwater Kelp Garden Wall Mural
  10. Hand Painted Black and White Flower Garden
  11. Freehand Painted Abstract Pattern Mural
  12. Watercolor Landscape Mural
  13. Hand Painted Watercolor Kilim Wall
  14. DIY Photo Mural
  15. Napoleon Dynamite Wall Mural
  16. Corkboard and Paint Mural
  17. Gold Moon Wall Mural
  18. Ron Swanson Nursery Mural
  19. Gold Pen Flower Doodle Wall Mural
  20. Hand Painted Dandelion Mural
  21. DIY Woodland Mural With Template

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