3 Basics For Getting Organized Like a Boss

How to Get Organized


Everyone knows that an organized office is ideal for productivity and workflow, but did you know that getting organized is also important for your psychological flow as well?

While some packrat types claim that they work best with clutter all around them, the reality is that most of us work best in organized and clutter-free environments. Cori Bamberg, a Certified Professional Organizer from DitchTheClutter.com, puts it best, “On a deeper level, clutter can create psychological barriers as well. When my clients are feeling blocked creatively and unproductive, the first thing we do is clear the clutter. This releases that mental tension so they can get back to focusing on the tasks at hand.”

Getting Organized like a Boss

1. Minimalist Makeover

First things first, you must purge your office space. It might seem like a no-brainer, but Gilat Tunit, Professional Organizer and Founder of Project Neat stresses, “If you don’t need it, get rid of it. Don’t clutter your space with unnecessary items. Separate your purge into categories: gift, donate and trash. Once this is done you’re ready for the next step.”

Getting organized like a pro.

Your next step is to keep clutter from returning! One way to do that is with a minimalist makeover of your office space. We recommend a minimalist workstation like this Glass-top Desk. You will want to keep this beauty clean and clear of clutter!

2. Action vs. Project

According to the experts, it’s not ideal to leave folders out on your desk (or e-mail in your inbox) as a way to keep track of current projects and deadlines. The clutter can actually be a distraction.

“Many people leave piles of paper out as reminders to do something, says Ben Soreff, a Professional Organizer from House to Home Organizing. “We want to separate the action from the project. If you are working on something, use a note, post-it or calendar software to write the specific todo item and put the folders and papers away. This is about learning new habits.”

We recommend clearing away the clutter, and getting your life, work, and home organized with the customizable Life Planners by Erin Condren.

Getting organized like a pro.

3. Practice Building Focus

Getting organized allows your brain to focus on the tasks at hand. “Focus is a muscle that you build," says Darla DeMorrow of Heart Work Organizing. She suggests that you, “Start with 5 minutes of distraction-free work, and gradually work up to 90-minute chunks. Use an audible timer to work in blocks. Nothing kills your focus faster than wondering if your time is up yet.”

Getting organized like a pro.

And while you think it might be a good idea to use your phone as a timer, think again. Your phone is just another distraction. We recommend a separate timer, like this Vintage Style Timer, to help build focus.

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