5 Beautiful Houseplants to Bring Spring into Your Home

Fill your home with beautiful houseplants.

Houseplants are the easiest, freshest, and most natural decorations you can add to your home. I’ve become somewhat of a houseplant addict over the years. I blame my dad for my addiction, as he has always kept our home (especially the family home’s back bedroom, aka his greenhouse dude space) filled with leafy greens and colorful blooms.

Now, as far as I’m concerned (and in my incredibly unprofessional opinion), there are two types of houseplants: beautiful houseplants and useful houseplants. Beautiful houseplants are plants that have vibrant green leaves and blooms, while useful houseplants actually serve a purpose (you can cook with them, etc.).

Here are a few of my favorite beautiful houseplants:

1. Donkey’s Tail

Donkey's Tail: Beautiful houseplants

Image: Vik Nanda

This succulent features dainty green leaves. Similar to most succulents, the Donkey’s Tail doesn’t require a lot of water, isn’t poisonous, and does best in a sunny spot.

2. Hoya

Hoya: Beautiful houseplants

Image: Quinn Dombrowski

Place this funky plant in bright, indirect light to help it thrive. It is not poisonous, too.

3. African Violet

Image: Jim, the Photographer

These plants grow easily and aren’t toxic to animals. They bloom year-round and come in different varieties. They do best in warm conditions and filtered sunlight. These plants don’t grow too large, either.

And now, for a few useful houseplants:

4. Aloe Vera

Image: Powerhouse Museum

Keep this succulent out of your cat or dog’s way, as it’s toxic to furry friends. However, it will help treat burns you may suffer while cooking a great meal. Care for this plant by keeping it in the sun and not giving it too much water.

5. Herbs

Image: Alice Henneman

I like to keep a bunch of basil, lavender, thyme, parsley, and oregano near my stove. I have each herb in a separate, small pot. I water them when their soil begins to dry and keep them in indirect sunlight. So far, they are thriving (and my cooking taste amazing).

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