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Sew Your Way to Cute Kitchenware


Do you remember your school days in Home Economics class? My favorite part of class was the cooking component and not so much the sewing sessions, but I’d be willing to give it another go in order to make some great kitchen accessories. You?

Whether you have seamstress-like qualities or have a bit of apprehension about buttonholes, these five projects for kitchen accessories will help bring out your creative spirit (and gently so). Soon enough, your kitchen will be DIY organized and you'll wish your Home Ec teacher could see you now. 

1. Bandana Table Runner

Looking for a way to ease into sewing? This could be the perfect kitchen project you’ve been looking for! From Martha Stewart, you can make this table runner out of several bandanas. It’s both easy to make and a traditional, fun design. Perfect for backyard barbecues or when you’re serving cornbread and baked beans with dinner!

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2. Personalized Cloth Napkins

No doubt, cloth napkins help cut back on the amount of paper that piles up in our landfills. If paper napkins are a thing of the past in your household (or you'd like them to be!), try this project by Lark Crafts to add a little pizzazz and personalization to your table setting. Create a pattern you love and add it to a set of napkins, or make individual designs for separate napkins for each member of your household.

3. Cloth Bread Bags

What’s better than the smell – and taste – of fresh baked bread? Not much. If you've become keen on making your own bread, keep it fresh during the day stashed away in a cloth bread bag made from kitchen towels. You can add a stencil to the bag or keep it simple. Either way, the step-by-step pattern from Momtastic is easy to follow.

4. Fabric Kitchen Storage Bags

Dreaming of an organized kitchen? To help cut down on counter clutter make these handy bags from Country Living. They'll hold anything from spatulas to scissors. Whether tucked away behind the cupboard or hung high for easy access, these bags are convenient and cute.

5. Simple Apron

Keep the splatter of a good recipe off your clothes with this simple apron from Skip to my Lou. Whether you like ruffles or prefer something more straightforward, this pattern has got you covered with a plethora of options. You can even make a half-apron if you prefer. 

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