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5 Great Handmade Patchwork Quilt Ideas

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Years ago I got this notion in my head to make my own quilt, since I love the hominess of a handmade quilt on the bed. I’d like to say I was successful and I have a gorgeous handmade quilt on my bed that is now a few years old, but alas that’s not case. Unfortunately, my project never got off the ground--life got in the way and the project just seemed too overwhelming for me at the time. Fast forward about 7 years and I’ve got quilts on the brain again, and now I’m ready to try my hand at making my own. But first, I’ve got to find just the right inspiration.

Handmade Quilt Project Ideas

1. T-Shirt Quilt

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Image: SweetonStitchesEtsy

Do you hold onto all your old concert tees, even long after they start to show wear? Then a t-shirt quilt might be the project for you. I have a bunch of old tees in the attic that I’ve been holding onto for just this kind of project. The bonus is that old t-shirts are so soft too!

2. Memory Quilt

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Image: sewcrazee

Instead of t-shirts, a great idea is to take keepsake fabrics from your family and make a quilt from them. Instead of relegating the curtains from your first home, your child’s baby blanket, your favorite old pair of old jeans and the picnic blanket from when you got engaged to a box in the attic, make a quilt out of them!

3. Scrap Quilt

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Image: BeaverCreekStitches

For you regular sewers out there, making a quilt from the scraps leftover from all your sewing projects is always a great option. That way there’s no waste--reduce, reuse and recycle!

4. Chevron Quilt

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From the Organic Authority Files

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Image: raenne

A totally stylish and on trend option is to make a chevron quilt--it’s a modern take on the traditional patchwork quilt concept.

5. Quilted Pillows

Image: Lilybirdstitches

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Of course, not everyone is ready for a putting together a whole quilt. A quilted throw pillow might be a better starter project.

Finally, for those who may want a handmade quilt but just don’t have the sewing skills to create your own quilt, there’s always the option to buy a handmade quilt from a sewing artist. Here are some great handmade quilts to purchase.

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Rain-inspired ombre quilt from btaylorquilts.

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Red and white Ohio Star Quilt from srussett.

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Heirloom White Welsh Beauty Quilt from QuiltLover.

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PB & J Churn Dash Quilt from CottonBerryQuilts.

Top Image: SomeBeautifulThings

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