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5 Innovative Recycling Products For A Trendy Green Home

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Anyone who has ever tried to corral a months worth of cans, glass, paper and plastic bottles together and then shove the whole jumble into the car knows that recycling can get messy. Remnants of liquids leak everywhere. The huge bins are bulky and heavy. EVERYTHING is sticky. And, that’s before you even get to the recycling center.

Doing your good green part doesn’t mean you have to use the usual non-user-friendly recycling bin. These five sleek products take the mess out of recycling. They'll keep your home’s recycling organized, and dare we say, stylish? Check them out for yourself.

Flings "Home Recycle" Pop-Up Recycling Bins

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During a family picnic in the park or a camping adventure, your usual commitment to recycling can waver. Most parks and campgrounds don’t provide recycling bins. With no good way to keep your recyclables separate, they just end up getting bundled with the trash. Next time, bring your own recycling bin instead!

Flings Pop-Up Recycling Bins simplify the task of recycling when away from home. These handy bins start out 10 inches in diameter. When you want to use one, you simply “snap” it open and voilà your own portable recycling bin. When open they stand at about 16 inches tall. Their compact size makes these bins easy to stash in your car’s trunk or store in a kitchen cabinet.

Flings’ bins also work well for house parties. Encourage guests to recycle, especially the usual non-recyclers, by strategically placing these bins around your home. Stamped with the universal recycling symbol, guests will easily recognize they’re meant for recyclables! Although, you know there will be that ONE exception. Still, the bins will make clean up a whole lot easier.

You greenies can feel good that these bins are made completely from biodegradable and degradable components. They’re also sturdy enough to reuse several times. You can purchase the bins on Amazon. $3.99 for one. $34.99 for a 10-pack.

Clean Cubes Disposable Recycling Bins

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Clean Cubes Disposable Recycling Bins start out as paper bags. When you need a recycling container on the fly (impromptu dinner, anyone?), they simply unfold into standup recycling containers.

Created as both portable trash and recycling bins, you can use them for either purpose. The bins come pre-lined with a 10-gallon trash bag. You eco-conscious folks can get the most reuse out of your bins by filling them up multiple times with recycling and then dumping them into a larger recycling receptacle. When you decide you’re done with the bin for good, simply cinch together the trash bag and recycle the remaining paper container.

Perfect for parties, their sleek look won’t clash with your décor. At 18 x 14 x 10 inches, they’re big enough to handle the buildup of recycling during a party or event. You can purchase the bins on Amazon. $8.95 for a 3-pack.

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The Green Pod Recycling Bag

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From Element Green Recycling, this nifty all-in-one recycling container simplifies recycling by keeping everything in one location. The Green Pod Recycling Bag contains one main “pod” with three smaller compartments inside the main pod that keep your recyclables from muddling together.

Each mini compartment is removable, so you can choose how many compartments you want in your bag. The glass compartment features extra lining so your glass bottles won’t shatter.

Perfect for apartment living, this bag can contain all of your recyclables without the bulk of a normal recycling bin. Plus, it’s easy to transport. And, the durable plastic lining makes for easy clean up if anything leaks. You can purchase the bag on Amazon for $39.99.

Kangaroom Recycle Bags

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Who says you have to use boring plastic bins to recycle? Stay true to your stylish green self when you use Kangaroom Recycle Bags to store your recycling. Made from recycled materials, these chic bags brighten up the task of recycling.

Their simple, yet trendy design won’t clash with your home’s décor. They’re so cute (and inexpensive) you could use one for each recyclable—glass, aluminum, plastic, paper. Why not hang each bag on a coat rack or on hooks on the wall? They’ll look charming all lined up and will save floor space. Once you fill up these babies with your recyclables, simply grab them by their reinforced handles and head to the recycling center.

These sturdy green bags have the plastic lining to handle spills from not-quite-empty cans and bottles. Just wipe ‘em down or hose them off. You can purchase the bags in a set of two from Great Useful Stuff. $12.99 for two.

Gaiam Folding Recycling Bags

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Nix the bulk of regular recycling bins by using bags to store your recycling instead. These handy folding recycling bags from Gaiam stand up well on their own, but can also easily fold away when you don’t need them.

At 12 inches in length and width, and 18 inches tall, Gaiam Folding Recycling Bags are the perfect size to tuck in a kitchen corner or under the sink. They also hold a good amount of plastic, glass, and paper without getting overly heavy.

With big, bold photos that display what items go in what bag, they make sorting your recycling a cinch. They also come in easy-to-differentiate colors: orange for paper and cardboard, gray for metals and blue for glass. You can purchase the bags from Gaiam. $16 for three. $6 for one.

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