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5 Mobile Apps for Home Decor and Design

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It’s a pretty safe statement to say that there’s a mobile app for just about everything you can imagine--even home decor and design.

Allthough It might seem counterintuitive to some that there are apps for hands-on activities like cooking, DIY, getting organized and home repair, it really does make sense. The number of people who rely on mobile devices is growing each year and the trend isn’t likely to start falling off any time soon. We take our phones with us everywhere, so it only goes to show that the creative powers that be will try to create apps to fill every possible niche market.

And the home decor and design world is no exception. In the last 5-6 years there has been an explosion of home decor and design apps--and we’re not just talking about inspiration apps like Pinterest, but more robust and practical apps.

5 mobile apps for home decor and design

Please note, this list isn’t an endorsement, but rather a tool to help you become inspired by what you might find. We can’t speak to the individual effectiveness of these apps.

Also, it’s important to note that some of these apps are free and some are not.

1. Houzz

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For those who aren’t aware Houzz is a website that’s part inspiration, part shopping network, part how-to and part phone book for finding professionals in your area. There are Houzz apps available for the iPhone, iPad and Android that recreate the functionality of Houzz for your mobile device.

2. uDecore

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Image: uDecore

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From the Organic Authority Files

uDecor is a 3D room planner that utilizes real photos to create a photorealistic 3D view of whatever room you are looking to decorate. Useful for furniture placement, configuration and dimensions. Available for the iPhone and Ipad.

3. ColorSnap

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Image: Sherwin-Williams

With ColorSnap, users can match real world colors with paint colors, find coordinating colors or create custom palettes within the Sherwin-Williams catalog. It’s available for Blackberry, iPhone and Android phones.

4. SnapShop

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Image: iTunes Store

SnapShop is another furniture planning too, but SnapShop actually utilizes a library of products you can purchase from retailers like Pier One, Ikea and CB2. Available for the iPhone.

5. Snapguide

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Image: Snapguide

Snapguide allows users to make, share and search how-to guides on a variety of topics including home DIY. It’s available for iPad and iPhone.

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