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5 Online Sharing Communities that Bring Peers Together for Common Needs

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We’ve rounded up 5 stellar and unique online sharing communities that are great options whenever you need a little help from your peers.

There are many different kinds of online crowdsourcing sites -- it’s hard to keep them straight. But when you find one that truly works for you, and provides the services you’re looking for, you’ll never want to let that service go. Give these sharing communities a go.

1. CrowdMed

So, have you ever wondered what that painful bump on your arm is? You’re not alone. And that’s why CrowdMed could become one of the most-used online networks. CrowdMed allows users to anonymously submit their ailment to a crowd of diverse health professionals. The professionals collaborate together to get to the bottom of whatever is making you sick. The site has two use options: One for patients, and the other is for medical detectives (the people who solve the medical cases).

The site is technically free (it requires a $50 deposit that’s refunded after a medical case is closed), but users can upgrade their accounts by paying more money for perks.

2. RelayRides

RelayRides makes renting a car a snap. The service, founded in 2009 (and launched in March 2012) in San Francisco connects people who own cars with people who need cars. Owners make money by renting out their cars, while renters get the ease of selecting a wide variety of vehicles for nearly 40 percent lower than car rental companies.

3. Spinlister

Ever wanted to rent and use a reliable bike? Spinlister has you covered. This service allows a user to pick the time and the date they need a bike. It also allows users to contact the owner of the bike with questions. The company also rents out skis and snowboards.

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4. Zaarly

Zaarly provides a variety of services from professionals for a fair price. The company’s “Tastemakers” have tested Zaarly’s professionals. The Tastemakers rate the professionals on the quality of their work and commitment. If you don’t love the service, you get your money back. Some of the more popular services on the site are housecleaning, handy work and yard work.

5. NeighborGoods

Ever want to just borrow something from someone rather than buying it? Well, NeighborGoods may be just for you. This community allows users to share items with neighbors. Everything from a bike to a ladder is fair game. The service is free, but some members may charge a rental fee or deposit.

Do you know of any other online sharing communities? Tell us about them in the comment section.

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