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5 Tips to Organize a Messy Office

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A desk muddled with papers, bric-a-brac, and random clutter makes clearing your mind difficult. Forget actually getting to work.Whether you work from home or just need a systematic spot to pay bills and check email, decluttering your home office can save you from unnecessary stress. Get ready to mark off the to-do lists and complete those everyday tasks; these five tips to an organized home office will leave you with one slick, efficient workstation.

Go Minimalist

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Start fashioning your new, efficient workspace by clearing out the clutter. When organizing your space, think utilitarian. Keep only the items that you use often within reach and store the rest away. Also, scan as much of your paper trail as you can onto the computer and recycle the hardcopies. A streamlined desk surface will give the room--and your mind--a calming aesthetic, perfect for productivity.

Pretty storage

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Containers that serve as both décor and organization are key to a tidy workspace. Choose storage that suits your eco-taste. Think mason jars to store and display office supplies, or a funky old toolbox repurposed to organize mail. Vintage tins or retro photo boxes also work well to store odds and ends.

Want to go even more eco-friendly? Repurpose steel cans or pickle jars as chic reused containers to hold paper clips, rubber bands, pencils and other office supplies.

Corral the cords

A jumbled mass of computer, printer and smart phone cords will ruin the look of a cute desk and its oh-so carefully chosen mismatched chair. Take the time to organize your cords and keep them together (not in a tangle) using rubber bands or other holders.

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From the Organic Authority Files

You can also organize all of the cords in your life by repurposing a basket or other container as a charging station. Designate it as the go-to spot to recharge all of those smart phones, e-readers, iPods and other electronic necessities. No more repositioning cords all around the house when a device needs a power boost.

Shelf love

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Don’t underestimate the good ol’ shelf (or bookshelf) when organizing your office space. When artfully arranged items adorn a simple shelf, it transforms into darn cute wall décor that stores your stuff up and out of the way at the same time. Display books, your favorite knickknacks and office supplies you use less often on shelving near your desk.

The makings for shelves are easy to come by. Scrap wood, old window shutters, dining room table leaves and other eco-finds make the perfect surfaces for your shelves. Scour thrift stores, antique malls and flea markets for vintage brackets.

Hang artwork 

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Mounting artful pictures, paintings or posters that draw your eyes will create a home office that you adore working in. Artwork that you love to look at will get those brain juices flowing, which is especially beneficial if you work from home.

You can also create your own inspiration board by pinning images, recipes, magazine cutouts and other tidbits to a bulletin board. Frame your bulletin board with old window shutters for a vintage chic look or cover the board in your favorite fabric if you don't dig the corkboard look.

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