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6 DIY Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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As the housing trend shifts toward smaller and more sustainable homes, it's becoming hard to shove everything in a closet or basement. Sure, tiny homes are adordable and efficient, but where will you put all your stuff? Downsizing is good, but for the stuff you can't bear to part with, use these six DIY storage ideas to help keep things neat and tidy.

Smaller living spaces often mean less storage space, and that leads to organizational challenges. Figuring out where to store out of season clothing, sports gear, the extra biodegradable toilet paper or those peaches you canned this summer can't become quite stressful when you've only got a few hundred square feet to work with.

Before you go stir-crazy and toss it all in the trash, I'm here to tell you that it's possible to choose a smaller home and live without clutter. The key is to find creative storage ideas that keep stuff from getting underfoot.

6 DIY Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

1. Think Height

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Is your bathroom counter crowded with lotions, makeup and and hair products? Go vertical and free up some counter space. Use a table-top tiered stand (like a cake stand) or tiered wire basket stand. (Image: just4sweetsandthings)

2. Utilize the Walls

There’s a lot of potential storage space on your walls. Add bookshelves to free up floor space taken up by bookcases. In the kitchen, do things like adding a wall spice rack. Doing a little work now could free up at lot of counter, floor and cabinet space at the end. What could you store on the walls?

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3. Get Hung Up

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What can you hang from the ceiling? Instead of keeping a bowl full of fruit on the counter, could you hang a tiered fruit basket from the ceiling instead? What about hanging wine glasses or pots from ceiling racks? (Image: Pottery Barn)

4. Follow The Steps

Stairs are unique storage ideas waiting to happen. One ingenious idea involves building drawers into stairs. While this might not be a solution for the entire staircase, add one or two drawers at the bottom could be perfect for things like gloves, hats and scarves. Check out this tutorial on Apartment Therapy for more.

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5. Headboard Storage

Consider a headboard with a hidden compartment. Or craft your own using old drawers like in this tutorial from BHG. (Image: StellaBiondaDesigns)

6. Don’t Forget the Doors

The backs of doors, both room and cabinet, are a great untapped storage resources. Simply hang organizers on the backs for doors to add more storage space to your home. In the bathroom or kitchen, you can store cleaners or other regularly used items.

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