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6 Food Art and Print Ideas to Brighten Up Your Kitchen Space

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The often-overlooked kitchen can actually be quite a fun place to decorate. And a great way to spruce up any kitchen space is with food art prints, posters and illustrations. They're relatively easy and inexpensive solutions that can add a lot of character. Prints and posters are also a fantastic solution for renters who might not be able to paint, change light fixtures and make other more permanent decorating changes.

Whether framed, unframed or mounted, adding visual or textual prints, posters and illustrations can change the whole tone and character of your kitchen--especially if your kitchen has boring, white walls or doesn’t get much light. Adding artwork to your kitchen can brighten the space and make you actually want to clean up after dinner!

Here are some of our favorite kitchen-themed artwork to add to your walls.

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Image: Ink + Wit.

1. Expresso Yourself by Ink + WIt

Printed on birch wood, this 11x14 wood wall art is très chic with its modern, clean lines and inspirational message. Artist Tara Hogan of Ink +Wit offers other wood prints and screen prints that are just as delightful!

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Image: TheCoop

2. Julia Child Photographs

Pay homage to one of the greatest chefs of all time with this wonderful black and white photographic print. It was taken by her husband, Paul Child, during episode #213 of The French Chef and is part of the Julia Child Papers, a Collection of the Schlesinger Library at Harvard University. What could be better than Julia Child raising a glass to all your meals in perpetuity? Bon appétit!

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Image: Articipe

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Recipe Prints by Articipe

Articipe is a fabulous shop offering art recipe prints. Choose from one of the many ready-to-order recipes, like pecan pie, chicken soup, sweet tea, pumpkin pie or icebox cookies. Or you can even order a customized print with your own special recipe(s). The prints are available in 5x7 to 11x14 sizes and come in a variety of colors from mustard, paprika and celery to raspberry, chocolate and licorice. Sounds delish!

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Image: Old School Stationers

4. Keep Canning by Old School Stationers

What a beautiful, gentle reminder to preserve the Earth’s bounty. The design was drawn by hand and each print is letterpressed printed using thick letterpress paper from Milan, Italy. It comes mounted and ready for framing.

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Image: The Calm Gallery

5 Breakfast in Bed at The Calm Gallery

Add a little snark to your kitchen decor but do so in the most tasteful way with this hand pulled screen print in mint by Lucas and Hayley Lepolas.

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Image: LendAHand! Collective

6. You Are What You Eat by LendAHand! Posters

We can all benefit from this reminder! Of course, this vibrant print also reminds us that what we choose to eat has an impact on others as well. It’s printed by the LendAHand! Collective, a collective of U.S. artists, designers and printmakers who are joining their creative efforts to inspire positive, healthy, sustainable changes.

Top image: Restyle

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