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7 Chunky Knitting Patterns for You and Your Home

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Chunky knitting patterns throw.

After the holiday season is when I like to hibernate on the couch snuggled up with 7 seasons of some series on Netflix, chunky knitting patterns and projects in hand to keep me warm. I pretty much try to stay that way until the spring thaw happens too.

January and February are the months to knit away in the relative warmth and comfort of your home. Baby, it’s cold outside and what better way to ignore that fact than by knitting a comfy throw or a fuzzy scarf for those times when you must venture outside for more hibernation supplies.

And if you are going to knit, the best thing to knit is a chunky knit--they are super quick projects to complete and they leave one feeling very accomplished and cozy!

Here are 7 chunky knitting patterns and projects for you and your home.

1. Chunky Fleece Blanket

This pattern from Mrs. Hardy involves cutting up fleece blankets to use as chunky “yarn”. If you like the comfort of fleece blankets, but want something a little more sophisticated looking, this is the project for you.

2. Finger Knitted Wreath

Get a jump on next year’s wreath and make this finger knitted wreath project. For those who are not sure what finger knitting is, check out a finger-knitting tutorial here.

3. Knitted Bag

And for when you must leave the house, make a knitted bag in which to to carry your knitting patterns and projects.

4. Hot Water Bottle Cozy

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To keep warm I like to use a hot water bottle under the covers, but who wants an ugly hot water bottle laying around? This pretty cable knit project solves that problem.

5. Chunky Puff

While sitting on the sofa, you will need to prop your feet up. This chunky knitted puff project from Pickles is just what you need!

6. Easy Chunky Cowl

For a fairly easy beginner’s project, try this cowl knitting pattern available at Ravelry, which is free site for knitters and crocheters to share projects and inspiration.

7. Chunky Throw

The final project is the pièce de résistance of keeping you warm and your home gorgeous and it’s for a stunning chunky throw featuring cable-knit and moss stitch details. It’s available at Rowan, which features a large variety of free knit, crochet, quilt, felt and sewing patterns.

Happy knitting and see you in the spring!

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