7 Devilishly Simple DIY Organization Ideas to Help You Declutter and De-Stress

Organization. That elusive state of having everything in its place, yet still at your fingertips. Organization is a both state of physical being and a state of mind. While some of us are lucky enough to confidently call ourselves organized, I think it safe to say most of us feel like being organized is something we are constantly chasing. Rather than focusing on how unorganized we are, the goal should be pouring the energy we expand on feeling overwhelmed into exerting control over our stuff and our lives. I’m sure even Martha Stewart feels like she can never come up with enough organization ideas to keep her life managed.

The key to being organized is not dwelling on how unorganized your home, office, kitchen, car, garage or life is, but instead come up with a plan to tackle the worst of your clutter and disorganization. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when battling that unorganized feeling, but coming up with a strategic plan to add some organization ideas to your home and life can make all the difference in the world. Tackle one offending area or room at a time. You will be amazed at how solving one organizational crisis will inspire you to move onto the next area of attack on your list.

To get you inspired to tackle your own organization needs, here are some fantastic DIY organization ideas to add more organization into your life.

Easy DIY Organization Ideas

  1. Mini Chest Office – Need a home office space, but you don’t have a dedicated room to spare? Consider creating a home office in a chest to tuck away your bills and papers, but keep them close at hand.
  2. Under Bed Storage – One way to declutter is to add more storage, but when your home is bursting at the seams, it can feel like that’s a hopeless battle. Under the bed storage is always an option though–unless you’ve already filled that space up!
  3. Tackle Junk Drawers – If I could deal with my junk drawers, my home would feel organized to me. This practical how-to makes me think I just might be able to tackle that challenge.
  4. Command Center – Create a family and home command center to keep all the moving parts of your life managed. Use chalkboard paint, clipboards and hanging in and out box trains to create a functional “brain”.
  5. Sliding Garage Storage System – Finding anything in the garage can be a challenge. use this tutorial for creating overhead garage storage to get those little used items up and out of the way.
  6. Pantry Organization – Looking at a disorganized panty can make quick weekday meals seem like an impossibility. Apply some diy organization to make your pantry more functional.
  7. Mail Baskets – To keep mail from accumulating on the dining room table or kitchen counters, set up an in and out system using hanging baskets.

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