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7 Luxurious and Eco-friendly DIY Projects for Your Home

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DIY Projects

When some think about DIY projects for the home, images of boring functional design come to mind. DIY sometimes gets a bad rap, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to create modern, streamlined, luxurious home decor with your own two hands (and maybe a little help from your friends).

Whether your style is more Scandinavian modern or bohemian world traveler, try these DIY projects for your home to bring a little luxury into your home.

DIY Projects for Your Home to Add a Bit of Luxe

Create Dramatic Architectural Touches - Use molding and vintage or eco-friendly wallpaper to create the effect of architectural flourishes but without actual construction. DIY projects for your home like this can add can add elegant patterns and luxurious texture to your entryway or a boring corner.

Golden Retro Bar Cart - While this project calls for you to purchase a bar cart, it is possible to find old kitchen rolling carts that can refurbished. Check yard, estate and thrift sales. One person’s junk is another person’s gold luxe bar setup! Add some plywood or luan board, gold paint for an eco-friendly entertaining station for your next soiree.

Gold-leaf Terra Cotta Pots - I don’t know about you, but I have a plethora of old terra cotta pots that I’ve collected over the years. There is nothing luxe about them and I’m often hesitant to use them to plant with on my deck. By adding a little gold or silver leaf and planting flowers in them, I think they would perfect to add a little atmosphere for my backyard entertaining.

DIY Moroccan Rug - For those whose tastes run towards the exotic, this Moroccan-inspired rug is just the thing for you. It may be a little more detailed of a project--it does involve some Illustrator experience and a jigsaw--but the results are truly wonderful to behold.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Raffia Headboard - Instead of paying thousands of dollars, use a little DIY ingenuity to create a stunning luxurious headboard. This project inspiration also takes some woodworking skills, so if you don’t have those (or the tools), you may need to ask a friend who does for some help.

Faux Gold Bookends - Anyone who has ever had to repair some plumbing in their home, knows that there’s always leftover PVC pipe. But those leftovers to good use with this tutorial for making faux gold bookends. Pretty much only basic fix-it skills, like using a saw a drill, are needed to complete this DIY.

Glitter Mugs - Bring old mugs back to life with this project for making dishwasher safe glitter mugs.

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