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8 Amazing Remodeled Vintage Campers that Will Make You Drool

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Remodeled vintage campers to drool over!

Who doesn’t love remodeled vintage campers? Whether you like the retro look, or something more luxurious, enjoy these amazing remodel jobs--some of them are actually destinations at which you can stay!

Remodeled vintage campers to drool over!

1. El Cosmico - Nestled in Marfa, Texas, El Cosmico is a magical destination where visitors can choose to stay in a tepee, remodeled vintage campers, yurts and camping tents. While all the choices are quite magical, for camper enthusiasts the remodeled Airstreams are the star of the show. They are all drool-worthy, but I am partial to the Spartan Manor with its cedar deck.

Remodeled vintage campers to drool over!

2. Courtney’s Good Cottages - Have unlimited money and a love for vintage Airstream campers? Then you are in luck. You can rent one of these remodeled and luxury appointed vintage campers complete with Vera Wang china and butler service!

Remodeled vintage campers to drool over!

3. City Flights - This camper is decorated with vintage aviation maps and a wooden plank headboard, and I just might steal both of those ideas for my own bedroom. This remodeled camper is part of the Rooftop Trailer Park Experience at the Grand Daddy in Cape Town, South Africa.

Remodeled vintage campers to drool over!

4. Garden Airstream - The goal of this remodel was to make this 1959 Airstream feel like an integrated part of small garden space outside of an architecture office in the Bay Area. It looks like a cool alternative work or break space to allow one to get away from the cubicle or the open plan workroom.

Remodeled vintage campers to drool over!
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5. Cupcake Trailer - This sweet retro camper is available to rent for special events. It’s apparently used as a staging station for your sweet confections, which is an adorably novel idea. You can check out more on the website, and man, I sure wish I had thought of this business model!

Remodeled vintage campers to drool over!

6. Autocamp - This 1972 Sovereign Airstream camper has been luxuriously remodeled to feature hardwood floors and a clawfoot tub. It’s part of the Autocamp glamping hotel in Santa Barbara that offers guests a choice of stay in one of five remodeled Airstream vintage campers.

Remodeled vintage campers to drool over!

7. Big Sur Getaway - Whenever I get around to remodeling my Airstream (I don’t even own one yet) I am going to make sure to add a chandelier just like the one in this luxury remodeled Avion camper in Big Sur. Oh and I will also have martini glasses too!

Remodeled vintage campers to drool over!

8. Retro Airstream Airbnb - This is actually a super cute remodel of an Airstream and it’s even available on Airbnb if you happen to be visiting Wimberley, Texas. I actually enjoy the retro touches that seem so much more authentic to the original time period of the camper. You can also build a campfire in the chiminea in the back yard.

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Image: El Cosmico

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