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When it comes to your foodie friends' Christmas lists, it's all too easy to rely on gift cards to their favorite kitchen goods stores. Useful? Sure. Impersonal? Kinda. Well, no longer. This holiday season, wow them with thoughtful, delicious goodies they'll be proud to flaunt and gleeful to enjoy.

Whether your friend is obsessed with cocktails or gut health (or both – why not?), these eight hand-selected gifts are positively perfect. Our list includes small-batch products made with organic ingredients and loads of health benefits. Fingers crossed your lucky foodie friend invites you over to share!

1. Manni’s Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, The Oil of Life

Your cheffy friends deserve way better than store brand olive oil. Instead, trerat your loved ones to Manni’s The Oil of Life Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This oil isn't just Michelin star chef approved – it also boasts a super special story. Pressed from olives grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil in Tuscany, this oil comes in a stunning black bottle that's as useful as it is gorgeous. It's 99.99 percent resistant to UV rays, which helps protect oil degradation. On top of being absolutely delizioso, this oil is rich in antioxidants, making it the ultimate healthful ingredient for anything from bruschetta to Caprese salad and beyond. It is, quite simply, *Chef’s kiss* perfection. ($59)

2. Little Apple Treats Organic Apple Balsamic Vinegar

Nothing ramps up the flavor of a simple salad or a tasty home-cooked pizza like a drizzle of balsamic. Made with fresh organic small-batch apple juice from Sonoma, California, Little Apple Treats Organic Apple Balsamic Vinegar will knock your foodie friend’s socks off with its intense apple flavor. This vinegar is fermented not once, not twice, but three times: in red wine, white wine, and whiskey barrels. It's aged over the course of four years for even more flavor. The resulting vinegar is versatile enough for artful drizzling over anything from crostini to roasted vegetables to ice cream. As an added bonus, it’s antioxidant rich and may aid digestion, and its deep violet-blue bottle will look gorgeous on your friend’s countertop. ($29.95)

3. Made In Alubia Blanca Set

There’s never been a more useful gift for your foodie friend who obsessively batch cooks beans weekend after weekend. The Made In Alubia Blanca Set pairs a bag of small, Spanish-style Alubia Blanca beans with a 4-quart saucepan (made in Italy!) that’s oven-safe up to 800ºF. The 5-ply stainless clad allows for even heat conduction, eliminating hot spots. Your friend will love whipping up a white bean dip to spread on their favorite crusty bread (drizzled with olive oil, of course), white bean soup, or simply adding some bean protein to salads. Don’t worry, though, this pan doesn’t discriminate. When the beans are gone, your friend can – and surely will! – cook all sorts of soups, stews, sauces, and more in this gorgeous pot. ($114)

4. Little Apple Treats Ginger Hibiscus Shrub

Whether they like to mix up cocktails, mocktails, or both, your mixologist friend will be pleased as punch to sample the small-batch, vegan Little Apple Treats Ginger Hibiscus Shrub. Made with just four organic ingredients (apples straight from a California farm, sugar, ginger, and hibiscus blossoms), this shrub proves that less is more, adding a tart and fruity vibe to any drink. And the shrub also plays well with food, adding zip to fruit salad or a marinade for veggies or grilled chicken. And health-conscious foodies know that the live vinegar mother (thanks to the apples) and antioxidants (thanks to the ginger and hibiscus) in this product means it's healthful to the last drop. Drink up! ($24.95)

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5. Zwilling Enfinigy Milk Frother

We can guarantee that your coffee or matcha loving friend has never seen a milk frother this chic. The Zwilling Enfinigy Milk Frother will look amazing on their countertop, and it will produce the most velvety milk froth ever – the ideal cherry atop whatever their preferred morning beverage may be. Best of all, the frother can be used with any milk – hot or cold, plant- or animal-based – and boasts easy to remove (and clean) parts. Seriously, is there anything better than a hassle-free gadget? ($99.99)

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6. Haus Deluxe Cocktail Kit

The time of hangover-free nights out with your college friends has passed... hasn't it? Not if you offer up this Haus Deluxe Cocktail Kit! Haus' mission is to craft apéritifs made with fruits, herbs, and botanicals from suppliers around the world, never from factories. Each bottle is blended by the Haus team in Sonoma County, and it’s shipped in recycled material packaging. With a slightly lower alcohol content, they usually stave off miserable hangovers, so you can skip without worry over headaches or hangxiety in the morning. This kit, which is already beautifully packaged (hodl the gift wrap!) comes with six unique flavors ranging from Spiced Cherry to Grapefruit Jalapeño (spicy margaritas, anyone?). The cocktail recipe book included with the drinks doesn't disappoint. ($100)

7. Ora Trust Your Gut Probiotic Powder - Apple Raspberry

Tell your gut health-obsessed friend to say goodbye to their probiotic pills and hello to delicious organic probiotic powder. Ora Trust Your Gut Probiotic Powder - Apple Raspberry is made with certified organic ingredients and contains seven probiotic species (and 20 billion probiotics per serving!) along with a prebiotic blend that enhances the effects of the probiotics, including digestive health support, improved immune function, and better mood, hair, and skin. Talk about a product that packs a punch! And Ora's powders are super delicious, too, so your friend will look forward to indulging in their yummy probiotic powder either in a smoothie or just stirred into water. Dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, and vegan, it's perfect for any friend, no matter their dietary restrictions. ($34.99)

8. Little Apple Treats Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

If your loved one has been struggling to find an ACV that actually tastes like apples, opt for this Little Apple Treats Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, made from Sonoma County orchard-grown, hand-picked, organic apples. Made in small batches and aged in oak barrels for two years, this vinegar is full of probiotics. It boasts not only a delightfully fruity flavor, but it also may have some added benefits such as improving digestion and enhancing the appearance of hair and skin. Plus, we love how it’s packaged fine wine style in a glass bottle with a cork, making ACV feel glamorous. Your friend can use this vinegar to create salad dressings, marinades, or simply as a tonic. It's apple-solutely delicious! ($19.99)

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