8 Unique Coffee Tables Your Guests Will Want to Steal

log coffee table

Coffee tables that are mass-produced are boring with a capital B and seem to only come in two shapes: almost rectangular and definitely rectangular. (Kidding. Sort of.) They’re one of the most important pieces of furniture in your humble abode, so why not take your time and hunt down unique coffee tables your guests will be insanely jealous of?

To get you started, here are 7 unique coffee tables you can totally DIY:

Image: Indulgy/Facebook

log coffee table

1. Log coffee table

As far as unique coffee tables go, this log coffee table is rustic chic at its finest – and would give that fallen log in your backyard a good home.

Image: Lowe’s

log coffee table

2. Industrial coffee table

Although the instructions are for an industrial side table, you can extend the measurements to coffee table size – or, create 2-3 side tables and cluster them together. Then when you have company, you can move them around the room for convenient bevvy placement.

This (sorta) Old Life

log coffee table

3. Salvaged door coffee table

While there are plenty of unique coffee tables made of salvaged doors, this one’s my favorite – especially because they offer a play-by-play of the entire process they went through to construct it, including snags they ran into along the way.

Image: Singapore Home & Decor

log coffee table

4. Oil barrel coffee table

If you’ve got an itty bitty space that doesn’t fit a full-size coffee table but need a home for your favorite mug, this designer salvaged an oil barrel and painted it matte black. (I think I’m in love.)

Image: DIY Vintage Chic

log coffee table

5. Wine crate coffee table

No roundup of unique coffee tables would be complete without a wine crate coffee table. Not that we need any more excuses to drink wine, but whatev. In the name of home decor, I think the sacrifice is worth it.

Image: Oh! Glory Vintage

log coffee table

6. Repurposed window coffee table

When you create a coffee table out of a vintage window, the possibilities are endless: From the size to the hardware to the legs, you can mix and match and create a coffee table that’s truly your own.

Image: DIY Network

log coffee table

7. Reverse stencil coffee table

If you love your current coffee table but it’s looking a little ragged, give it a unique facelift with this crisp, clean reverse stencil look.

Image: Instructables

log coffee table

8. Pinball coffee table

The only time I wasn’t playing pinball as a kid was when I was sleeping. This pinball coffee table would make your inner 10-year-old extremely happy. Just saying.

Have you come across any unique coffee tables?

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