8 Upcycled Container Garden Planter Ideas that are Really Awesome


Jazzy planters for your container garden can make a huge difference in keeping you actively caring for your plants. Try a few of these fancy planters to get your garden looking good and your plants thriving.

1. Toilet Paper Tubes: Cut your tubes in half, fill halfway up with dirt and plant seeds or plants. Water your plant. You can even turn it into a mini greenhouse by sealing up several tubes inside tupperware or a plastic spinach container from the grocery store.

2. Coffee Cans: Metal coffee cans make fantastic planters. Paint them in bright striped colors for an extra cheery look.

3. Switch Plates: Paint your old switch plates in bright colors, construct a box and line it with an onion bag. Then just plant your garden bounty inside.

4. Boots: Have plenty of outgrown galoshes from your kids’ younger days? Fill them with dirt and plants and hang them on your fence line for cute container garden boot planters.

5. Tires: Whether painted or plain, stacked on the ground or hung on a fence, tires make amazing planters. My sister and I used to plant a tire garden full of pansies on our grandparents’ flower farm every year.

6. Paint Cans: Doing a lot of redecorating? Repurpose those empty paint cans into planters.

7. Milk Cartons: Either cut off the top or cut a rectangle out of the side of a cardboard milk carton. Then leave it as-is or glue on linen to make it extra fancy.

8. Mason Jars: Mason jars are excellent for an herb garden.

Need more fancy planter ideas? Get creative! Look around your shed or garage and see what you can upcycle into the perfect planter to show off your personality in your garden. For more inspiration, check out my Garden Pinterest Board.

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