9 DIY Light Fixtures You Can Make Yourself: Bright Ideas to Illuminate Your Home

Make your own diy light fixtures.

It’s time to shed some light on the problem of how to creatively add more light to your home. And it turns out, it’s actually quite an easy problem to solve with DIY light fixtures.

Lighting is one of the more commonly overlooked aspects of home decor in need of updating in many of our homes. When redecorating, many will shell out big bucks for new furniture, spend countless hours installing new flooring and agonize over color choices for the walls, but will still use the same old lamps and installed lighting fixtures. After spending a whole bunch on that new sofa and new bamboo flooring, there’s often not a lot left in the budget for new lighting. And for anyone who has visited a fancy lighting store, you may still be in shock from the prices. DIY light fixtures can be the solution that saves the day though–you get totally unique lighting to complement your new decor and without spending a small fortune.

From illuminated wine bottles to twinkling wall art, here are some DIY light fixtures you can create yourself to add unique lighting solutions to your home.

9 Totally Bright Ideas for DIY Light Fixtures

  1. DIY Wine Bottle Lamp – Turn used wine bottles into romantic mantle lighting using this simple tutorial. All you need is a drill and some string lights.
  2. Constellation Wall Art – Let there be in light! Use this tutorial to create twinking wall art of your favorite starry constellations.
  3. Book Lamp – Repurpose those old books into a bright idea.
  4. Lighted Marquee Letter – Make your own own lighted marquee letter using this diy how-to.
  5. Scalloped Plastic Spoon Chandelier – This awesome project transforms plastic spoons into a work of art.
  6. Wax Paper “Capiz Shell” Chandelier – Make your own eco-friendlier chandelier from wax paper instead of from capiz shells and have less environmental impact.
  7. Geometric Lamp Base – Make a “dodecahedron” (a 12-sided geometric shape) with this tutorial.
  8. Ping Pong Ball Hanging Lamp – When life gives you a lot of ping pong balls, make a lamp.
  9. Light Up Headboard – Create a fun and functional headboard light.

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