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9 Easy Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds Around the House

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If you’re a coffee junkie like me, you go through an alarming amount of coffee grounds each week. While it’s virtually impossible to reuse all of them (well, unless the idea of living in a giant anthill appeals to you), there are some seriously nifty ways to repurpose a solid portion. (None of which involve making another pot of coffee with the same grounds, by the way – trust me, it’s like a drinking a puddle.)

Here are just some of the ways you can put those coffee grounds to good use:

1. Get rid of nasty odors

Instead of baking soda, fill cheese cloths with dry coffee grounds and place them in your fridge and freezer. The same goes for your closets!

2. Repel bugs

The strong scent of coffee keeps bugs at bay. You can sprinkle dry coffee grounds around the foundation of your house and set bowls of it on your patio too. Easy peasy.

3. Protect your garden

The same goes for your garden – sprinkle coffee grounds around your plants and bugs will leave them alone... so will your neighbor's cat.

4. Use as a kitchen cleaner

Whether the coffee grounds are wet or dry, you can use them to clean heavily soiled pots and pants. Just toss the grounds onto the surface and scrub with a sponge.

5. Unstinkify your drain

Realizing there’s a foul smell coming from your kitchen drain isn’t exactly the best way to start your day. You can easily get rid of the smell using a half cup of coffee grounds, immediately followed by five cups of boiling water. I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding this tip, but I’ve personally never run into problems – now, foul kitchen smells come from everywhere but my drain! (I wish I was joking.)

6. Use as furniture polish

A wood stain that doesn’t screw up the environment? Count me in! Check out this wood stain recipe to make your own and spruce up your furniture. You can also use coffee grounds to hide scratches on dark wood or espresso finishes. Mix them with warm water to make a paste, rub it over the scratch with a q-tip, and wipe off the excess with a towel.

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7. Make candles

This is going to sound totally nerdy, but I can’t wait to give this DIY coffee candle a try! It’s also a great way to give new life to old candles.

8. Add to your bouquet of flowers

For a new spin on an old favorite, use coffee grounds, a mason jar and fresh cut flowers to make this ah-mazing DIY flower vase. The coffee grounds will deodorize the air, letting the flower scent dominate any room.

9. Make soap

Coffee is a great additive to soap: It’s not only a natural deodorizer, but a fabulous exfoliant that will brighten your skin. You can also leave a bar in your kitchen to pull strong cooking odors from your hands. Check out this fab soap recipe for your next round of coffee grounds.

What’s your favorite way to reuse coffee grounds?

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