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15 Fab DIY Rug Ideas: Weave New Life Into Old Floors

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Clever diy rug ideas.

Wish you could redo your floors, but major renovations just aren’t in the budget right now? Well, do the next best thing and place area rugs in key locations to both hide imperfections and add a little style to your decor. And don’t worry, you can do it on the cheap with some DIY rug ideas (just as long are you are willing to do the work yourself).

Whether it is your kitchen, living room or bedroom floor (or all three) that need updating, you can cover up a lot of wear and tear with area rugs. That’s not to mention that brightly-colored patterned rugs can help draw attention away from boring flooring in need of updating.

By updating existing rugs, repurposing fabric and other raw materials and spending a little cash on some paint and other supplies, you can get a lot of bang for very little bucks with these cool and clever DIY rug ideas.

15 Very Cool DIY Rug Ideas You Can Make Yourself

Textured Rugs

Clever diy rug ideas.

1. Woven DIY Rug - Turn two king size bedsheets into a woven work of art rug for your kitchen, hallway, or bathroom space. We suggest using bold prints, just like in this easy to follow and super detailed tutorial.

Clever diy rug ideas.

2. White Faux Fur – Add drama with this DIY project for making a white faux fur rug. The beauty of this is that the final product is completely washable, too. Who says you can’t have a white rug?

Clever diy rug ideas.

3. Ruffled Rug – Make a ruffled rug for a bedroom space with this do-it-yourself project guide. It calls for making ruffles from a jersey knit fabric and then affixing them to repurposed dropcloth.

4. Small Into Large – Turn small brightly-colored and patterned throw rugs into one large rug. It’s really that simple with this DIY rug project.

Bold Patterns

Clever diy rug ideas.

5. Metallic “Zebra” Rug – Love the look of animal print? Create a zebra print rug using this project how-to that calls for a dropcloth and some white and gold paint. (Absolutely no animals were harmed in the making.)

Clever diy rug ideas.

6. Tablecloth Rug – If you ever see a tablecloth you think might make a great rug, simply follow this tutorial for the how-to to do it. It shows how to repurpose a pretty round tablecloth into a rug for a very cool effect.

Clever diy rug ideas.

7. Dropcloth and Painted Shapes Rug - This DIY rug is for another dropcloth rug, but it involves using sponges and paint to create colorful and intricate geometric patterns that look like the patterns on an expensive loomed rug.

From the Organic Authority Files

8. ZigZag Pattern Rug – Add a zigzag pattern (or Chevron pattern, depending on your point of view) to an existing plain white rug or make your own using sturdy duck cloth.

Funky Shapes & Techniques

Clever diy rug ideas.

9. Amoebic Shape Rug - This clever idea uses Flor modular carpet tiles to create a completely customized rug. Simply design your own shape and pattern on your computer, use the grid method to transfer it onto the tiles, and then cut it out with a super sharp blade.

Clever diy rug ideas.

10. Concrete Stain DIY “Rug” - This final DIY rug idea isn’t for a rug at all. Instead, it calls for using concrete stain to create the effect of a rug on a concrete patio. This is such a clever idea for sprucing up a boring concrete patio.

11. Rope Rug – For a rustic or nautical theme, make a rope rug using small round bath mats and thick rope as small throw rugs. It’s even possible to make a larger rug, by affixing smaller ones together.

12. LED Light Rug – Create a novelty rug by knitting a strand of LED tubing in a knit tube and then winding together to create a lighted rug.

Super Affordable DIY


13. Carpet Squares Rug - Turn sample carpet squares into a colorful geometric modern rug with this super easy idea for a rug DIY. No special skills are required for this one.

Clever diy rug ideas.

14. Handpainted West Elm Inspired Rug – Recreate some of your favorite patterned rugs with a little paint and a plain store-bought rug. Start with a plain rug, create stencils from cardboard, and paint away.

Clever diy rug ideas.

15. DIY Fabric Flooring Covering - It’s possible to turn heavyweight fabrics into stylish floor coverings. All you need is your fabric of choice (this project uses IKEA’s Stockholm print), a sewing machine, a dropcloth, and a carpet gripper.

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