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9 Must-Have Summer Backyard Barbecue and Entertaining Kitchen Tools

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Late summer backyard barbecue tools and ideas.

Next weekend is Labor Day, which is the unofficial last day of summer, and that means the summertime season of the backyard barbecue is winding down.

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to give up your backyard barbecue and entertaining just yet. September is still a great weather month for outdoor entertaining--the temperatures are nice, there’s usually fewer bugs and people are actually home and not away on vacation. Not to mention that there’s still plenty of late summer fruits and vegetables just calling out to be grilled up.

Whether you have a spacious outdoor backyard and deck or a smaller balcony patio, get your get summertime grill on while there is still time. (After all, the season doesn’t officially end until September 21st.)

And while you are grilling up the last of the late summer peaches, eggplant and corn on the cob, here are some must-have backyard barbecue entertaining tools to make everything easier and yummier. From time-saving devices to practical gadgets, these tools will make your next barbecue a breezy success and leave you time to actually enjoy your guests and that glass of sangria.

9 Backyard Barbecue and Entertaining Must Haves

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    1. Cast Iron Cookware - Whether cooking on the grill, over a fire or on your stove, cast iron cookware is always ideal. It’s meant to last a lifetime and nothing else helps capture those flavors quite like cast iron does.
    2. Telescoping Skewer - Cook those homemade artisanal sausages you made or your vegan marshmallows using this clever telescoping skewer tool.
    3. Grill Pizza Stones - Who says you can’t cook pizza on the grill? With these pizza stones you can make homemade, crisp and delicious pizzas on your grill featuring the best of the late summer produce.
    4. Cedar Grilling Planks - To keep delicate fish and meats tender and to infuse killer flavor, consider using a cedar grilling plank. Your guests will thank you.
    5. Ceramic Strawberry Baskets - Use these cute and clever ceramic versions of strawberry baskets to serve hummus and other crowd-pleasing dips in.
    6. On the Go Grill - Don’t feel restricted to the backyard with this lightweight and portable charcoal V-grill. Cook out at the park, the beach or while camping with ease.
    7. BBQ Wood Pellets - A better alternative to charcoal briquettes, these wood pellets infuse smoky flavor into your foods. Use with the portable V-grill for a match made in barbecue heaven.
    8. Reversible Ribs/Roast Rack - Multipurpose tools are simply the best. You can use this rack to either cook a roast or ribs on your grill to really show off your cooking chops.
    9. Beverage Server - Is there a more beautiful and handy way to serve that late summer sangria than one of these gorgeous handmade beverage servers? Serving up a cocktail, lemonade or even cucumber water in a beverage server is the ideal way to keep your guest hydrated.

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