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A Mother’s Guide to Growing Up: Words of Wisdom for a Grown Up Daughter

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A mothers guide to growing up.

Us moms are often used to imparting our wisdom to our growing up daughters freely and frequently, but as our girls grow up we need to learn to step back and allow our daughters to learn to spread their wings.

As graduation season is upon us, many of us mothers are facing a new frontier with our daughters. As our daughters head off to college, graduate from college and look towards the start of their adult lives, the relationship with mom can also take a beating.

It can be a challenging time for both moms and daughters. I know, because I am going through this with my daughter. I can recognize that she has turned into this confident, amazing and capable women right before my eyes--she is growing up--but it can sometimes be very difficult for me to keep my advice to myself.

I still feel I have so much more advice to offer, but I don’t want to cramp her style. From suggesting easy life habits to develop or the importance of becoming more skilled, I have so much that I want to tell her during her growing up journey.

Here is just a small list that of things that I want to tell my daughter as she is going through her journey of growing up from a girl to a woman, but I’m hoping she comes across this post instead.

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  1. Live in the moment as much as possible. Life gets complicated quickly when you are a young adult and it’s easy to get caught up paying attention to the details.
  2. Whether it’s on vacation, on the weekends, or a job choice you make, make it a point to have time away from a mirror. When you give yourself time to live without the need of a mirror it can really help put life in perspective. You're more than your hair and makeup. Always know this.
  3. As you mature and grow, place importance on being resilient and flexible. It’s likely that the world is going to change dramatically over the course of your life, be prepared for that change.
  4. Do not define yourself by things like work or marital status, whether you are a mom or not. Those things make life meaningful, but they are not the sum of your being. You will actually spend your whole life figuring out who you are.
  5. Do not discount the importance of sunscreen. I know you love that tan, but when you are 40 your skin will thank you for treating it well in your youth. And skin cancer is a real concern too!

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