A Spooky Roundup: 10 of OA’s Best Halloween Stories

Halloween is this Friday! Can you believe it? It’s time to kick your spooky party planning into high gear. If you still need some advice on how you can make this year’s Halloween the best ever, worry not. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite Halloween posts that will entertain and inform you.

Woman dressed as witch.

1. We recently rounded up some awesome costumes that you could make yourself. Ideas for the young and all grownup.

Pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween.

2. If you’ve yet to get down and dirty, and carve your pumpkin, check out this piece. It is full of great information about how you can have the most unique pumpkin on the block.

Candy corn

3. Forget the candy aisle and head to the baking aisle instead. This post has all you need to know about making your own vegan Halloween candy. And yes, your kids will love it, too.

Vegan brownies

4. Halloween isn’t all about candy – but it sure has a lot to do with sweets! Click over to this piece to find out how to make these amazing vegan gluten-free brownies.

5. If you’re planning on having a killer Halloween party, make certain to serve this Bloody Mary cocktail.

We can do it woman

6. So, you don’t want to dress up. That’s cool! Here are some costumes for the costume-phobic. It’s truly one of the most unique Halloween stories we have!

Halloween cupcakes

7. If you need some new Halloween themed recipes, we’ve got you covered. This post has 15 recipes to satiate even the deadliest appetites.

Trick or Treat candle

8. Make sure to read this piece before you take your kids out trick-or-treating.

Creepy cocktail

9. Now, not everyone loves Bloody Marys. This post will help you quench all your other partygoers’ thirst.

Pumpkin lights

10. Still stumped on exactly how to throw the best Halloween party ever? Check out this post for tips and tricks concerning how to throw a spooky soiree.

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