Airstream’s New Nest Travel Trailers: Super Adorable and Uber Towable

The new small travel trailers from Airstream.

When one thinks about Airstream’s travel trailers the words “small” and “adorable” usually do not come to mind–one of the classic sellers is called the “Land Yacht” after all. But with a recent acquisition, that is all about the change. Earlier this spring, Airstream recently bought the Oregon-based startup Nest Caravans, which produces a line of small, lightweight, fiberglass travel trailers. Airstream now has plans to start producing its own pint-sized, aerodynamic, all-fiberglass trailer, which is a major departure from the rest of the product line.

Airstream got its start in the 1920s, but what most people remember the company best for are the iconic silver bullet style of travel trailers from the 1960s. And that classic aluminum trailer is still representative of the product line today. The Nest undertaking will be a new adventure for the company, and more important, open up the customer base. The lighter weight of the fiberglass caravan will allow smaller vehicles, like a crossover or mid-SUV, to tow the 16-foot trailer.

The original Nest company design featured LED lighting, stainless steel appliances in a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a queen-size bed. It also featured modern minimalism in its styling. There was a definite appreciation of both form and function in the design. It’s unclear yet if the Airstream prototype will keep those details, but fans of the original Nest concept almost certainly hope that’s the case.

The new small travel trailers from Airstream.

The Nest concept of a trailer is part of the growing trend to “smallify.” From mini-cars to tiny houses, American consumers are realizing that less is more in a world that requires sustainability to be a virtue one actually practices. And that is even crossing over into our our choices in travel trailers.

There is no word yet on the cost of the new Airstream Nest, but those who are interested can sign up for the mailing list to keep up with any updates. The word from Airstream is that shoppers can expect the Nest debut to happen in the summer of 2017.

In the meantime, those with wanderlust in their hearts can only imagine where they mught take off to with the Airstream Nest (or stay in one of these remodeled vintage travel trailers). Where would your Airstream Nest road trip take you?

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