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7 Blissfully Warm and Cozy Knitting Projects for Cold Winter Nights

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Blissfully Warm and Cozy Knitting Projects for Cold Winter Nights

When the weather outside turns frightful that’s the time to hibernate inside with your favorite knitting projects.

Whether you want to knit up something to keep you warm when you venture out or to keep you cozy inside, we’ve got some lovely ideas for knitting projects. So, source up some yarn, and get to work getting cozy with one of these super fun knitting projects!

Get Cozy with These Super Easy Knitting Projects

  1. Chunky Knit Throw - A super chunky knit throw is a must have for me during the winter. It’s the kind of thing that I like to have on the bed and the sofa to pull on for extra warmth. It’s also nice and warm while you knit it up. This free Super Chunky Nantucket pattern in off-white is gorgeous and suitable for beginner knitters. It’s also available as a kit, with everything you will need, from Loopy Mango.
  2. Cowl - A knit cowl is great to wear both inside and outside to keep you warm. Choose an easy project like this free beginner level pattern for a Chunky Mobius Knit Cowl. It’s made with super chunky yarn using an alternating rib stitch. Make up a few in different colors for yourself, or to gift.
  3. Knitted Snuggie - You’ve heard of the Snuggie, but what about a knitted Snuggie, also know as an afghan with sleeves? This clever project is available via a free pattern from Bernat Yarns.
  4. Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cozy - In my house, we throw a hot water bottle under the covers to warm the sheets before climbing into bed--it’s what people had to do before central heating. A knitted cozy makes it all the better. Try out this simple and free pattern for a Cable Knit Cozy.
  5. Knitted Tea Cup Cozy - One of my favorite ways to keep warm in the winter is to drink copious amounts of warm herbal tea. A knitted tea cup cozy is a perfect tool to help keep your tea warm just a little while longer. It’s possible to find patterns for reusable travel mugs, but here is a dual purpose Mug and French Press Jacket free pattern for use with your home mugs.
  6. Knitted Wrap - A knitted wrap is the kind of thing that you can throw on when you need extra warmth, but it’s not going to make you too warm and bulky like a sweater. This pattern for the ribbed Sasha Wrap pattern is quite a stunning example. It is a little more advanced, though.
  7. Cozy Slippers - Slipper socks are a must during the winter. Pull them on over your socks for added warmth. This pattern for pretty Patterned Slippers is for easy to intermediate knitter.
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