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3 Surprising Composting Tips for Apartment Dwellers

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Apartment dwellers already know that they have more than enough tools to create a fantastic kitchen garden, but as you get ready to make your selections for this summer's bounty, consider the fact that not only is a garden in your reach, but composting as well! Some may already have taken to apartment composting... but you can still take advantage of these fantastic tips to make apartment composting even easier!

What Can You Compost?

Aside from the obvious additions to your compost heap, there are quite a few things that you might have hanging around the house that would be useful for composting. Consider the following:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Leftover mash from home brewing beer
  • Tea bags
  • Pizza crusts
  • Pencil shavings
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From the Organic Authority Files

Just be sure to always remember the things you shouldn't be composting!

How Can You Keep Your Compost From Smelling?

Living in an apartment may not seem like the ideal situation for composting. Even if you've already read about composting for apartment dwellers, maybe you're not yet convinced. Well, don't worry. Keeping your compost from smelling is as easy as having the right container! These stainless steel filters are a great choice, as is this fresh air compost collector. Whatever you choose, don't let the fear of a smelly apartment get in the way of having fantastically rich compsot to use.

What if You Can't Use It?

The reasons for being unable to use your own compost are many. Maybe you don't have time to start a kitchen garden right now, or maybe you don't have the space. It could even be that you're planning a nice trip for yourself this summer and won't be around to take care of it. But that's no reason not to compost anyway!

Consider a compost giveaway. Cities and towns as small as Milton, Ontario and as large as Los Angeles offer these giveaways, perfect for those who have the time and resources to make compost but may not be able to use some or all of it. Ask your local town hall or call the Department of the Environment for your city to ask about similar get-togethers near you.

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