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5 Fall Decorating Ideas Featuring Mason Jars

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Those perfect cool fall temperatures, stunning burnt orange leaves and fun pumpkins and gourds will be gone before you know it. Start decorating your home for fall now so you can fully enjoy the season!

What better way to celebrate fall than with mason jars, those fall canning favorites? Besides perfectly storing preserves, mason jars also give off a vintage feel when used around the home. These decorating darlings don’t require much effort. Just fill them up with pretty pieces that remind you of fall. Here are a few ideas.

1. Easiest table display ever

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Want an easy-smeasy fall table display? Head outdoors and gather an assortment of the prettiest fallen leaves you can find. Pick out the golden yellow, amber red and rich orange leaves. Then, stuff your bright-hued leaves in a few mason jars. If you have several different sized jars, even better. Arrange an assortment of your leave-filled jars on your table for a sweet and super easy fall centerpiece.

If you’re displaying your jars san lids, put those lids to good use as candleholders. Simply turn the lids upside down and plop a candle in the middle of each one. The rims of the lids work perfectly to catch wax drippings.

2. Show off your spices

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Instead of stashing your pretty spices in a cupboard, bring them out for show. Fill some mason jars with spices in fall colors to put on display. Think cinnamon sticks, chili peppers, whole nutmegs, cloves and allspice. Assemble your spicy mason jars on your dining room table or kitchen counters. Not only will the jars look pretty, you’ll also have all of your spices on hand for fall baking.

3. Save those seeds

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If you saved seeds from your summer garden, flaunt your work by storing your leftover seeds in a few mason jars. Present your seed-filled jars in a display, along with a few gourds and maybe some vases filled with twigs, leaves and other cuttings for a perfectly autumnal tablescape.

Don’t have seeds? Store kernels of colorful Indian corn in your jars instead. Or, fill your jars with whatever you can find on a walk around your neighborhood, such as pinecones, acorns and other bits and pieces of nature. Stick a candle in each jar for a little extra ambiance.

4. Create simple lanterns

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For a classic look, place one lone tea light per mason jar; then set them wherever you need a little glow. You could line a row of mason jars with candles outdoors along a pathway to your door, or set them atop side tables on your porch. With a bit of wire you can turn them into hanging lanterns. Or, use them indoors by placing them in a row on a dining room table, or line a windowsill or shelf.

Use nontoxic soy-based candles in autumn scents like pumpkin or apple, or use candles made from beeswax to give off the light scent of honey.

5. Flaunt your canning skills

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Did you go canning-crazy this season? Show off all of those spiced apples, peach jams, strawberry jellies, applesauce and other preserves by lining up your mason jars on a kitchen counter or shelf. You don’t have to limit yourself to the kitchen, though. Incorporate a few of your colorful jars of preserves into a fall display in any room of your home. It will add a cozy feeling all around your space.

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