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18 Ideas for Crafty Dip Painting Projects Around Your Home

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One of my favorite ways to get my home craftiness on is with dip painting projects. Quite simply, you dip whatever it is you are looking to paint--soup ladles, mason jars, old soup cans, barstools, baskets and more--into paint and then allow it to dry. It’s about one of the easiest and quickest ways to diy something around your home. You can literally take something from blah to tada in seconds with paint.

Sometimes I love to DIY around my home, and other times I still love to DIY but I don’t want to do a lot of work. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. It’s nice to be crafty and all that, but who really wants to start a project that’s going to take 2300 hours to complete? I enjoy a nice 30 to 45 minute from start to completion project myself. That way I get the satisfaction of creating something from scratch for my home, but without the lengthy time commitment. Dip painting projects offer just that.

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Image: storiebrooke

I know it sounds simple, and while you can keep it simple, it’s also possible to use this technique to create something that’s not quite so simple. This painted dipped paint can lid wall art project from Better Homes and Gardens is a perfect example of what I mean. The technique is simple, but the implementation is anything but. When it comes to painting projects, the limit is your time and imagination.

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There are are a few different approaches you can take in your dip painting projects.

  1. Make it straight. Create an even and linear look to your dipping for a crisp look like these ceramics at Camille Styles.
  2. Get messy and let gravity have its way for a drippy look like in this example from Livet Hemma.
  3. Combine dipping and brushing to create stripes like these soup spoons from Design Mom.
  4. Go diagonal. Hold your object at an angle when dipping for a diagonal effect like these flower pots from The Loud and Clear.
  5. And my favorite, create an ombre effect by dipping in hues from light to dark like this pumpkin at Home Made Simple.
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Image: Planted Pots

And what can you dip paint? Pretty much everything in your home except your kids, your cat and your partner!

  1. Mason jars
  2. Chair legs
  3. Serving trays
  4. Vases
  5. Wooden soup spoons
  6. Baskets
  7. Barstools
  8. Flower pots
  9. End tables
  10. Decorative plates
  11. Picture Frames
  12. Lamps
  13. Pinecones
  14. Stones
  15. Mugs
  16. Magazine file boxes
  17. Wine glasses
  18. Coasters

And much, much more!

Top Image: Fate and Coincidence

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