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DIY: 10 Home Decorating Ideas For String of Lights

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As the days grow darker, it's nice to bring some warm light into our homes. Most of us have at least a couple sets of string lights on hand, and they can be used for much more than trimming a tree. Here are 10 DIY decorating ideas that use string lights to make your home cozy for fall. Let the DIY projects begin!

1. Fold your own paper lanterns

By folding a simple origami cube, and filling them with string lights, you can create DIY paper lanterns that can be hung on a headboard or across a window. 

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2. Wrap a mirror

Paired with a mirror, string lights deliver a beautiful reflection. Find an antique mirror at a second hand store and make it an art piece in any room of the house. 

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3. Make glass containers into a lamps

You know those one-gallon glass jars that are sold for cookies or for fermenting kombucha? They can also double as gorgeous floor lamps. Just toss string lights inside and you're good to go. This is a perfect way to put old, tangled string lights to use. WIth smaller strands, put them in mason jars and light up your workspace. 

4. A rustic chandelier

Pairing branches and string ights, you can make a rustic and seasonal chandelier to hang above your dinner table. 

5. An LED lit, hand-crocheted rug 

Using string lights, you can crochet a round mat that lights up; a fun addition to a living room or bedroom. Full tutorial here

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6. A centerpiece of upcycled wine bottles

As long as you have a drill and a drill bit designed for glass, used wine bottles can be cleaned and with a few simple steps, turned into a beautiful centerpiece for a fall dinner party. 

7. A lit up blackboard

If you've been craving to put a blackboard in your kitchen, why not make one that lights up. By creating a few holes in the top corners and adding string lights, you'll make your own tinkling board. Full tutorial here

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8. Your own letter sign

These signs are't just for bars and movie theaters; you can actually make your own light up sign using string lights. Full tutorial here

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9. Make an "I've Been Here" map

Instead of using the traditional thumbtacks to show where you've been to on your travels, why not use string lights? This creative IKEA hack turns an ordinary map into a unique piece of art. 

10. Hang a string of pictures

Just like you can use a piece of string strung horizontally on a wall to hang photos, you can do the same thing with a strand of lights. String the lights along a wall and then using clothespins add photos to it. Cover an entire wall if you want to. 

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