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5 Homemade Christmas Stocking Projects, Recycled Too!


This holiday season, are you hanging your stockings from the chimney with care? If you’re making your own stockings from recycled materials, you sure are! Get crafty with Santa this year, and surprise him with a chimney lined with handmade stockings you created yourself—and all with recycled materials from your household. Here are five fabulous tutorials for DIY stockings made from recycled materials.


Ugly Cosby sweater? Hand-me-down sweater from Mom? Sure, it’s gaudy and certainly, it’s tacky… but you can transform it into a fuzzy Christmas stocking in a snap. Simply pin the downloadable template over your sweater of choice, cut around the template, and stitch around the edges. It couldn’t be easier, thanks to this tutorial from (who else?) Martha Stewart, queen of the craft.


Here’s an incredibly ingenious way to use up old paper shopping bags in your household. Cuteness alert: These stockings from Rock Scissor Paper are unbelievably delightful! Made from just paper shopping bags, a hole puncher and yarn, you can make hundreds (okay, maybe tens) of these stockings and gift them out to friends before Christmas.

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Mittens are actually quite adorable for the winter season—trouble is, we have a tendency to outgrow them. And they can start to smell like sweaty hands after a few winters. Yeah. Keep those cute pink polka-dot mittens around by upcycling them into your Christmas stockings, thanks to another fab project from Martha Stewart. Better yet, make several pairs of these hanging stockings for your nieces, nephews and younger siblings.


Fellow seamstresses, take those boxes of old, misshapen fabric strips in your craft closet, and put them to good use. Crafty blogger Stellar Mother gives a step-by-step tutorial on making quilted Christmas stockings from fabric scraps. These require a bit more effort than other stocking projects, but the results are perfectly charming, and these will make presents that last for years.


You know that old rock t-shirt that's just hanging on by threads, slowly disintegrating with each round of laundry? Let it age in grace by transforming it into a festive Christmas stocking, thanks to this tutorial from Crafty Chica. With a few old t-shirts, felt and a glue gun, your Guns ‘n Roses shirt will live to rock a few more holidays yet.

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