Get Creative! 5 Easy, Inexpensive DIY Decorating Ideas

As it cools down, you may start to spend a little more time indoors… a great time to get crafty we say! A little imagination and a bit of time – and not much else – are all you need to bring out your inner designer. It’s not difficult to get creative on the cheap, and you’ll end up with a few new, fun and festive decorations. Here are five ideas to get the idea bank rolling.

I Got the Music in Me – and On My Walls

(image: jpellgen)

Some album covers (remember those?) from your musical past were quite creative and colorful. Pick a few of your favorites to mount in a frame and hang on a wall. You can find old albums in any number of places for next to nothing: garage sales, your parents’ basements or even thrift stores. 

Green Thumb Not Required

(image: jamsjoys)

Find some colorful pots to add to your windowsill or even a small side table. Add some greenery like herbs or low-maintenance plants like a Jade plant or a Sansevieria nicknamed Mother-in-law’s Tongue. You’ll see that the green plant combined with the colorful containers will brighten up any room. Search garage sales or thrift stores for your “new” pots. If you find a few that might not be your favorite color or that look a little dingy, try to look past that minor flaw — you can always bring out its best by painting it your favorite shade.

Contain Yourself

(image: LOLren)

The creativity is almost endless when you decide to decorate with Mason jars. From soap dispensers to hanging lights to colorful see-through storage ideas and more, check out Budget Wise Home for some ingenious, easy-to-make-at-home, budget-friendly ideas. Mix shapes and sizes of just about any glass container for a more interesting appearance. 

From Trash to Treasure

(image: roeyahram)

Do you ever happen to drive past the back of your local grocery store and see those heaps of wooden pallets lying around? Well, see if you can scoop one up the next time you’re out. Believe it or not, you can turn them (and any other type of reclaimed wood, really) into a fun art project. A little sanding, painting and stenciling will likely result is a rustic, beach-inspired wall hanging. You can choose to create something in any style you like, but check out Blue Eyed Yonder for tips and ideas.

The Best Hang Ups to Have

(image: failafo0sa)

You might not want to let the sunshine in when you discover how easy, inexpensive and colorful it is to make your own curtains from bed sheets. The best part? No sewing required (unless you choose to). My Life and Kids provides an overview of how to use twin bed sheets purchased at a discount or close-out store (yes, you can find organic!) and some iron-on hemming tape (unless you prefer to sew your hem) to create a festive, practical solution for some updated curtains for any room in your house.

top image: Gallery 32/Trina Baker