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The Easiest DIY Natural Essential Oil Infuser Ever

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Everyone enjoys having a home that smells fresh and clean. I typically enjoy airing out my home and filling it with seasonal aromas when the seasons are about to change. I’m currently rocking cinnamon essential oil at my place. But, typically, store-bought smells come at a nasty cost because they’re filled with tons of yucky chemicals.

So, instead of diffusing some weird cinnamon-chemical smell through your house, why not actually use cinnamon oil (or any other essential oil you fancy) to fill your home with a heavenly scent? You can easily do just that with the following easy-to-make DIY oil infuser. The project is simple and won’t take too much time to complete.

What you’ll need:

A glass bottle with a narrow opening
Essential oil
Sticks or reeds
Garden clippers
Optional: A cork (Drill an approximately 1-inch hole with a paddle bit to secure the sticks.)

How to assemble your diffuser:

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From the Organic Authority Files

You can use diffuser reeds, which are made for diffusing scented oil, or you can use sticks from trees, brush, or bushes. According to the blog, “DIY Oil Diffuser,” dried twigs, steams and branches are perfect for diffusing, too. The article, “Weekend Project: Save Money by Making Your Own Essential Oil Diffuser,” suggests that you thinly peel tree branches, wild brush, weed stems, or dried grass stalks, to allow oil to move up the stick, and easily diffuse. Cut your dried sticks to the height you desire with garden clippers.

Simply fill a glass bottle (or repurposed jam container, mason jar, etc.) with drops of essential oil (use whichever essential oil you like) and fill the container to the top with warm tap water. Place the sticks in the bottle and you’re done!

Tip: Use 20-30 drops of oil for every 8 ounces of water. Use one essential oil, or mix and match oils to make a custom mix.

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