5 Gorgeous DIY Home Decor Craft Ideas

Well, it’s official. My husband and I are selling our home, and while I am supposed to be working on getting our current home ready to show, I am instead dreaming about craft ideas for decorating our new home. It’s hard not to get excited thinking about having a blank canvas for my creating all of my favorite craft ideas in my new home. Of course, we will have all our old furniture and knickknacks, but a bigger home with a different layout is honestly this crafty woman’s dream!

So, while I should be painting my bedroom and packing up our clutter, I’m busy on Pinterest, Flickr and Google searching out the best diy home decor projects and craft ideas. I’m creating a virtual manilla folder full of craft ideas that I might like to try in my new home and I thought I’d share them with you so you can spruce up your existing home or dream about your future home too!

1. Small Art is Big Art

One idea I’ve long found intriguing is using a bunch of smaller framed prints and hanging them in a grid to create the effect of a larger framed piece of art. This could be done relatively inexpensively utilizing leftover fabric scraps, wallpaper, gift wrap or scrap book papers, and what a statement it would make.

2. Painted Glass Bottles

Simple projects can sometimes yield elegant results, like these painted wine bottles. Any glass vessel will do–old mason jars, soda bottles, mayo jars–and all that’s needed is painter’s tape and spray paint. What a cool idea this would be for creating your own decorative vases, pencil cups or candle holders.

3. T-Shirt Latch Hook Rug

Like many people, I’ve accumulated a lot of t-shirts over the years. It’s way past time reduce and this project is the perfect impetus I need to do just that. It seems pretty simple too–most of the work is just cutting and then latch hooking, which I used to do back in middle school. I like also the idea of using dye to create a solid colored rug to match my room.

4. Faux Mercury Glass Mirror

Mercury glass is a type of vintage glass that was made by adding silver during the glassmaking process to create a silvery shimmer to the glass. It’s also possible to buy modern day faux mercury glass home accessories at stores like West Elm and Terrain. Or you could make your own vintage-inspired “mercury glass” using this tutorial. It’s on my to-do list.

5. Nail & Yarn Art

Here is another ingenious idea for creating wall art without spending a ton of money–all using skills you probably picked up in summer camp. All that’s required is some yarn and basic hardware and tools like nails, a hammer and a level. I already have enough unused yarn to line the walls of a mansion!

Image: ohzie